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About the Indian Book Critics Platform and the Team:

Indian Book Critics is not an ordinary platform for book reviews as most of the others are today. We are different and we do display some literary sense and order in what we review and the way we conduct our book reviews. Sure, we use this website for our work; however, the mechanism that is involved in the backend of Indian Book Critics is phenomenal, if we may say so. With literary academic backgrounds, sense and taste of literature, passion for reading more and more, hunger for quality content, explicit distrust against the book they don’t like and so many other qualities which make them stand apart, the guys at Indian Book Critics are amazing!

Our Reviewing Terms:

We don’t do book reviews which are promotional. We are honest always and if time demands, we are not shying back from becoming ‘brutally honest’. We will tell what’s good in the book and that will be accompanied by what’s not good in the book. We highlight the merits and at the same time, we do highlight the demerits of the book without any hesitation. You can say that our team is a team of critics – not a bunch of readers who read and write what they read! So, if you are planning to contact us for book reviews, your book will be going through our torture rooms to come out with all the merits and demerits that we find and all will be served to our readers without any polishing.

Our Secret:

What do we do all the times? We are reading. What do we do in our leisure? We are discussing what we have read! Our business is with words – sometimes the written ones and sometimes what we write. We aspire to bring the best of the opinions about books to our readers so that their reading choices can become a little helped-out. Indian Book Critics is the new-age platform for Indian writers and readers, both alike. Whether you are a reader or a writer, you can always contact us for any concerns you might have. Keep reading!