We have a very basic list of policies that form the idea of our content policy. You can read the same below:

  1. We, IBC as a platform, give complete authority to our reviewers, opinion writers and content creators over their content. Unless extremely necessary, we don’t dictate any line of thought, ideology or bias. The content on this literary website is created by individuals who are associated with us. We cannot be held liable for a person’s opinion. However, we do ensure nothing goes against a race, religious beliefs or authorities ‘beyond’.
  2. We don’t endorse promotional content. Even if the authors have to pay a reading fee for the book reviews we do for them, that does not guarantee a ‘favourable review’. We are a team of professional readers and we charge for the time we invest in reading the books and writing reviews.
  3. Ratings ascribed to books are not, in any way, designed to harass, promote, side with or against, or suggest the qualities of a book. Ratings are a quick reflection of the ‘particular’ reader’s reaction to the book. A person is advised to read the complete review to understand what led to the said ‘rating’.
  4. No content on this website can be reposted, regenerated or shared by AI software anywhere. These activities require a written person from Indian Book Critics. We support backlinking to our posts or sharing a ‘portion’ of the content with appropriate reference.


These policies are open to being changed at any time by IBC without any prior notice. (Last updated – 7 December 2021)