30 years in the searing sun: A Romance Memoir by Kalavathi Raj – Review

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30 years in the searing sun Kalavathi Raj book review

30 Years in the Searing Sun is a romance memoir by Kalavathi Raj. I have read many memoirs before. However, it is the first time I have been impressed by one this much. The style is exquisite. The vocabulary that Kalavathi has used matches the style and the stories she has rendered compel the readers to read more. Remember, this is the true story of the author and she has shelved it as non-fiction. Interesting, exciting and engaging – these three words sum it up. On the flip side, the length of the chapters might be disagreeable at times. Readers might hope for more where there is less and vice-versa. 

The Review – The Story, The Narrative, The Relevance

Kalavathi begins narrating her story right from the beginning. The moment she saw her father for the first time (apparently as a baby). She has written in a way that her story becomes a story of every child who has faced problematic childhood with parents not being there (because of many reasons) when it matters the most. However, as soon as the story enters the school, the major theme, that you can read in the title, comes to the fore. Kalavathi writes about her romantic feelings, boys, girls, affairs, wrongful advances she faced, how she saved herself from wrong people and what it took to finally find Mr Right to be married to. 

The book is a fast read. At no point does it feel dragged or forcefully driven by the author. It may be because the author did not have to make things up. As it is the story that she has lived, Kalavathi must have had ease in narrating the same. However, it does not take away the fact that the author has worked hard on her narrative. It is a non-fictional story. Nevertheless, the choice of words and the style of writing ensure that readers keep flipping the pages (all the way to the last one). There is nothing less in the book, and it can easily compete with contemporary fiction. Yes, life throws amazing and shi*t* stuff at us, at times, and this is it! 

What does this book offer, exactly? Well, 30 years in the searing sun: A Romance Memoir: From a Loveless childhood to finding my Dream Husband offers more than just romance. It offers, on many occasions, a glimpse into the trauma that follows people with a problematic childhood with no fault on their part. Children carry the pain, suffering and baggage of the burden gifted by their parents who could not afford to bring up their children in a way it should have been! The book voices this concern emphatically. On the other hand, it offers bitter-sweet memories of the youth, teen years and the prime years when a person feels love, smells love, wants love and thinks love… only! The search for love finally culminating with ‘Dream Husband’ adds the topping that would make any dish enjoyable! 

The Verdict: 

As I suggested at the beginning itself, the book would be enjoyable for many readers. However, the chapters might have been this or that long might be a concern a few readers (critical ones) would raise. Nevertheless, it does not deter you from enjoying the book for what it offers! 

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Review by Amit for Indian Book Critics 

30 years in the searing sun: A Romance Memoir by Kalavathi Raj – Review
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30 years in the searing sun: A Romance Memoir by Kalavathi Raj is a very interesting read as it sums up the search for a partner and also chronicles the miseries of the protagonist who did not have an enjoyable childhood!

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