A Higher Conversation: Another way to be Human by Neil David Chan – Review

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A Higher Conversation Another Way to Be Human Neil David Chan review book

Neil David Chan’s book, a very interesting as well as enlightening one, A Higher Conversation, is a dialogue between Neil and his soul. Or, putting it in other words and reason, it is a conversation between Neil’s physical being and his metaphysical being, as he claims himself in his book, in the very beginning. In the Indian context, it might be termed as a conversation between Neil David Chan and his soul – one is simply a human being and one is a part of the universal being. There might be many contexts and rationale to define this metaphysical conversation. However, one thing is clear, and let me state at the very beginning, the book is very interesting, and it might be very wonderful for the readers who love reading philosophical books. So, if you are one of those who can read philosophical arguments at length, you can go ahead to the end of the review and buy the book right away by clicking the link to Amazon! 🙂

Anything done on a physical plain always stays on the same plain. To be able to elevate to higher consciousness, merge our mind and body to our soul. Make the threesome work together. This is true meditation.

And this is the crux of this book – mind, body and soul are different. We human beings are generally inclined to serve our body with our mind. However, with the soul in the subdued and oblivious state, it is never possible to realise the higher truths, reality and consciousness that we might achieve when we work with all these three together. Neil, himself a practitioner of meditation, claims at the very beginning of his arguments that this book is the result of his conversations with his own soul. Though it might be difficult for the common readers to process at the beginning of the book itself, they will surely realise it once they reach to the third or fourth chapter.

Neil David Chan is not telling the things that are new to the Indian readers. Readers in the West might find these things new but Indian readers should already have read such things in the Bhagwad Gita and Upnishads. We, the Indians, have always regarded the soul as the supreme among body and mind and soul. However, reading someone engaging in conversation with very own higher self might be the trigger to think, ponder and work upon such harmony – three of our units working together to realise what we are and what we should be doing.

There are 11 chapters in the book, with an epilogue and a prologue as well as the author’s note to the readers in the very beginning. Neil’s conversations with his own self, the higher and elevated self, the soul, discusses many issues that we might be curious to know all the time. What is humankind? Why have we come to this tormenting state where we fight for petty possessions and wealth? How long shall we live? What will happen that might cause the end of the human race? What is meditation? How to realise the three states of the human being? How to bring the soul, the mind and the body together? All these chapters gradually tend towards the culmination that is there in the 11th chapter, ‘Bringing it All Together’. Neil describes death beautifully in the same chapter:

Yes, it’s time we did this. Today, we know that death is Detach Energy And Transit Human, where our soul leaves us to go away. This is a state where we no longer exist as a body, a state brought upon by our choice because we did not stay within the design parameters. It’s a universal creation concept. All manufactured products expire long before their expected life cycle because of incorrect usage, abusive usage, or faulty workmanship. Our human life follows this very path.

Though I might need time to realise all the facts that Neil and his higher or metaphysical self have argued and discussed, I am not hesitated to say that the book is compulsive and it compels the readers to think a lot. This is what one demands from a philosophical book and Neil’s A Higher Conversation: Another way to be Human delivers this thing emphatically!

I recommend this book to anyone and everyone interested in reading philosophical texts. Go for it and you will thank me later! You can get a copy from Amazon India by clicking the link below:

Buy Neil’s book – Amazon India 


Review by Anand Shiv Jha for Indian Book Critics


A Higher Conversation: Another way to be Human by Neil David Chan – Review
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This is a compelling book, no doubt! It can mirror your thoughts or guide you to the unbound… deep philosophy but apparent enough to stir your mind. Do read it and meet yourself – the real YOU!

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  • This certainly seems to be a book that I can enjoy!

  • This is a wonderful book… I am sure because I did not see many books getting a 5/5 review o Indian Book Critics. And I am a fan of spiritual genre as well. I will surely try this book soon. I will get a Kindle because it’s cheap. 😀


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