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A Thousand Seeds of Joy review Indian Book Critics

Title – A Thousand Seeds of Joy
Written by – Ananda Karunesh
Publisher – The Write Place
Year of publication – 2018
Pages – 370
Genre – Spiritual or Religious
Ideal Read for – spiritually interested readers, religious and non-religious people, students and youths as well
Rating – 5/5 stars!
A line – superb! unmissable content!

A Thousand Seeds of Joy is a spiritual book written by author Ananda Karunesh who has long been a spiritual healer and a soul awakened to experience the joys which are simply beyond this ephemeral world. Presented to the readers as a conversation between the author and the two goddesses, Lakshmi and Saraswati, the book is being appreciated and liked by many readers and book critics. So, what’s in this book? Why is it getting the attention of the readers?

A Thousand Seeds of Joy is not just another new age book with recycled wisdom and spiritual clichés. It gives you a fresh breath of air among many competing books in this genre, which sound all too similar. The book also has a very different feminine vision of the spiritual awakening occurring on Earth at this time.. Delicate issues like women empowerment, ego, pride, love, affection, definitions of love of different kinds, relationship between Radha and Krishna, the story of Eve and Mary, and many other issues are touched in the book which is in addition to the major religious and spiritual discourse.

When you read that Goddess is talking about the relation and mutual dependency or contrast between science and religion and spirituality, you will just feel overwhelmed. I have read no book which deals the issues in such a broad and comprehensive as well as straightforward manner. In this book, you will realise that the arguments which are extended by the Goddesses are actually worthy, justified and something to ponder and that we human beings, caged in our thought-cages, did not bother to go beyond the yonder hill of traditional thinking and thus, we missed the bigger and the brighter picture…

When the author asks Goddess, ‘so, even our perception is based on ego?’ you will be curious to read what the Goddess says. Go to page number 34 and read the answer which is certainly wonderful. There are many questions like this, as simple as they might be, which affect our daily lives. Reading and understanding this conversation will certainly help the readers realise the true limits of human souls and also understand what can be achieved by achieving true knowledge about oneself.

To keep it simple, I have never read anything like this and I will suggest all my readers go through this book and understand what the world really is… certainly, this is not final and this is not what should be taken as the ultimate truth. However, A Thousand Seeds of Joy will certainly prove to be an important milestone in your understanding and comprehension about the world and its functions, taking into account the religious and spiritual aspects.

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review by Abhishek for Indian Book Critics

A Thousand Seeds of Joy
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It has everything that a reader of spiritual book expects… our verdict – MUST READ this one!

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  • The discourse of a different level makes this book really a different one than the ordinary fictions and nonfiction of modern days. The level of spirituality that it deals with is simple and within the grasp of ‘ordinary’ human beings.
    A nice article by Team IBC to bring out some interesting facts about the book and it lets the readers judge by their own perspective.
    Nice one!


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