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Academic Research Writing Artistry Srujan MJ Book review critics Indian

When should you write the abstract for your research? Is it best to prepare before you start writing your research? Or should you wait for your research writing to finish and then only write your abstract? Questions like this often intrigue research scholars. And being honest, there is a lack of quality books on research and academic writing that could guide students. Available books miss these practical aspects of research writing (and feature academic discourse freely available on the internet). What to do? 

I will review a helpful book by Srujan MJ today. Academic Research Writing Artistry by Srujan is a practical book on academic writing containing things research scholars always want to know. I will mention a few qualities of Srujan’s title in this review. Let’s start!

The book has 15 chapters, three parts, Illustrations and Glossary. The organisation of the content is superb! Readers will first understand research, its components, and the technical aspects in the end – formatting, illustrations, font, design, page design etc. 

The style of writing Srujan MJ has used is simple, direct, and convenient for the readers to follow. Unlike the books I have read on this topic hitherto, Academic Research Writing Artistry impresses with its content-rich form with a direct presentation. The author has not indulged in academic jargon (that does not make much sense to new research scholars). 

A list of significant concepts that this book discusses:

What is research? 

What are the types of research? 

How to identify the research area? 

Types of sources 

Data Collection for the research 

Sampling and its Kinds

Research Methodologies 

Tools and Apparatus 

Writing the Research 

Reference and Its Types 

Importance of Illustrations 

Critical Commentary on the book by Srujan:

In short, this is a quality publication! Research scholars at any stage of their research, students in their BA or MA programs, and anyone interested in understanding academic writing will find many things in this book. The systematic flow of informative chapters, illustrations, examples, and real-life situational analysis of the aspects related to research make Srujan’s book different from others in this genre. The author has focused on content delivery instead of exhibiting his linguistic acumen. And therefore, the book stands apart! 

The book is equally beneficial for students from both Science and Humanities streams. Srujan has discussed the components of research driven by data and by arguments. He has discussed methodologies, tools, apparatus, construction of ideas, research design, logic, and many other concepts.

On the flip side, I noticed the author using his book in the examples discussing reference methods (everywhere). While one of the two examples could have achieved branding purposes, putting it everywhere may confuse the readers. 

In one place, while discussing the abstract of the research, the author has suggested abstract and synopsis are the same. However, these two are different. Srujan has given practical strategies for writing abstracts in the same chapter. 

Overall, Academic Research Writing Artistry makes it convenient for readers to understand the concept of research (in its entirety). There is nothing much one could use to criticise the book. If you want to learn anything about research, get a copy and start reading! 

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Review by Ashish for Indian Book Critics  

Academic Research Writing Artistry by Srujan MJ – Book Review
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Academic Research Writing Artistry by Srujan MJ is a practical guide to research for anyone interested in the activity of research. The book covers all the aspects of research comprehensively and makes it easy for readers to learn the same.

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  • The book appears to be just what I need at the moment… appeared in the PhD Entrance a few weeks back and got selected as well. Synopsis is what’s confusing me. This book may help. Thanks for the brilliantly done review.


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