All About IAS Interview – the best book? Yes! Review

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All About IAS Interview review

Book: All About IAS Interview
Author: K. Siddhartha & Vedant Ojha
Publisher: Kitab Mahal
Pages: 268
Genre: Non-fiction, competitive exam books
Ideal for: UPSC aspirants

Not many days we get to review such books which are not meant for the casual or the ardent fiction readers. This book, which I got to see randomly in a bookstore, caught my attention because I am myself an IAS aspirant and it has always been my passion since the time I completed my higher secondary education in the year 2014. I have always been fascinated towards this career and I very well know how difficult it is. Nevertheless, with such books like All About IAS Interview out there, it certainly becomes easy for the aspirants to make their strategies and work on those.

This book that we are discussing here has all the essential elements which make it a worthy deal. What does an IAS aspirant need? Motivation, guidance, logical lessons and a feels-like-real environment when it comes to the interviews. In this book by K. Siddhartha, they will find all these elements incumbent. Let me tell the readers that the book is divided into 6 major or main sections and all these sections have many pieces of segments which will offer a variety of content to the readers of this book.

I have given special attention to each of these sections and I can say with conviction that all of them are sufficiently worked and detailed. The aspirants of UPSC examination will certainly have the advantage once they get this book. For example, if you explore the Questions section (Question Bank: Their Field & Dimensions), you will find for yourself that the section contains important questions, series of questions and also the boxed content, “Lead Answers” and sometimes general answers. This section will be very useful for those who are the first-timers and also for those who have already been to that stage – the IAS interview.

Similarly, the section with a focus on issues and their analysis is also very important and critical from the interview point of view. In this section, the authors have tried to keep their attention on the important issues which are being faced by us in the country as well as some of the global issues. In this section, you will find probable questions which can be raised by the interviewers from these particular issues and believe me, it’s vast and very well covered in the book!

And at the end, you have the sections for mock interview or sample interviews, as well as the last two pages, have some valuable information and tips. The tips on the last two pages – you will really love those! “Build social capital,” “speak correct language,” “engage thoughts, despite not agreeing with it.”

To conclude, as a civil service aspirant myself, I will certainly say that the book is a real deal for the students who are just thinking about preparing for IAS and all those who have been doing it already and all those who have already appeared for the PT this year… All About IAS Interview is the most complete book that I have seen in the recent years on interviews at the biggest stage of any competitive exam in India. You NEED to HAVE this book right away!

Get this book from the Amazon link below and you will thank me later, I know! 🙂


All About IAS Interview on Amazon India – Buy Now


review by Amit Raj for IBC

All About IAS Interview - review
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A complete package for the aspirants of UPSC to make them aware of the basic and advances of the IAS Interview. A MUST HAVE BOOK!

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  • For clearing an examination of such a great height you need to be prepared Strong. And the most important part in this is the proper guidance and an expert analysis of the pattern. Because it is true that we learn easily from the past experience and it’s obvious for competitive exams. And this book is offering things in details and describing the real issues quite well. Like how to behave while tackling questions, how to hold your nerves… everything in fine details. Your review is really helpful.

  • I just got this book after reading this informative book review. To be better, the major components are the way of writing. And I am happy that authors in this book have provided the exact things that a UPSC aspirant would need to know about the interview… thanks!

  • I am an aspirant of civil services examination. Clearing pts and mains examination is not so tough task, at times. Though, they are necessary for scoring good marks. But 275 marks of the interview cannot be ignored. Especially, this is our personality test; how are we ready to deal with real-time situations and other tasks is the main goal of the interviewers and they try their best to assess us. And I was confused about which book I should consider for the interview because it becomes tough at times amid the sea of books in the market. Now I am sure and I will secure a copy of this book. The book is looking so nice and dealing ideas in great detail. Thanks for the review guys!

  • Very good book! I will say that all the aspirants must have this book if they are serious about IAS and reaching to the interview stage.

  • IAS is a tough exam and interview is even tougher. To write something on this issue you need to judge the perspective and must have a situational analysis. Most of the book in this field is monotonous seems to be reading a volumness novel. The dynamics of competitive exmas need to be there to make readers more interactieve. After reading this book this part of the book attracted me the most. Even the smallest issue regarding interview has been treated so well. You can say a step by step guidance to reach your dreams. Whether it’s about expression or about questions all things are done in a pretty good manner that a reader can easily grasp the idea. If you want to score good marks in interview you must consider this book.

  • The dynamics of IAS interview need to be studied very closely. Proper motivation and guidance are required to meet four fancies to be an IAS officer. For that, you need to understand the realities and the behind the scene parts of interviews. And I am sure, after reading this book, that All About IAS Interview describes the things quite wonderfully. This book is really good in this direction. And the co-author has also been formerly in the civil services! This book has cleared my doubts so well.

  • I am a regular reader of Indian Book Critics. I found the reviews here are really useful. After reading this review I got this book. I found it very useful. As a serious aspirant of the UPSC, I am sure that I will make it to the Interviews but I do need to be prepared for that and after having a rough look on this book, I am sure I would be! Thanks again guys! 🙂


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