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Autobiography of a Yogi book review

Autobiography of a Yogi was first published in the year 1946 and since then, it has never been out of print – such is the demand and influence of this book! Written by a saint, a philosopher, a Yogi and an enlightened soul from India, Paramhansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi has inspired many great personalities from different parts of the world – Steve Jobs is a prominent one among the millions inspired. The book has been written in plain language and it narrates the journey of Sri Yogananda on the path of Yog, Sadhna, tours and enlightenment.

Sri Yogananda has written many books and many of editions compile the talks and writings of this spiritual Guru. However, the popularity of this book is immense because it has recorded the journey of a man from supposed nothingness to realised nothingness. The author has commented on many issues, many great personalities and many great concepts of ancient Indian heritage that dazzles the world. These commentaries will be very beneficial for the readers who want to understand the Indian treasure of heightened knowledge.

Chapters like Rama is Raised from the Dead are very inspiring as well as very insightful. Yogananda’s commentary is full of knowledge from all the directions that was bestowed upon him by his Gurus and enlightened souls and also achieved by his own hard work and penance. There are many episodes of his life described in this bestselling book that might appear to betray the basic glories of science but are true and proven.

“Truth is exact correspondence with reality.”

There are many gems like this scattered here and there in this book and it will certainly be interesting to read the book and find more out for the readers who haven’t yet explored the pages of this joyous and popular autobiography. There are also many pictures of Yogananda and others in this book. His life, not in entirety, has been recorded by him. It has inspired many Indians including Vinod Khanna who thought to get lost in the search of divine after reading this one.

Let us be true; we cannot achieve that height which Paramhansa Yogananda has reached. However, who knows the man’s potential? Anything can happen and miracles do happen if you keep your eyes opened and senses free of negativity. This is the message that this book tries to deliver to the readers. You can get a copy from Amazon India and read this book today! Click the link below:

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review by Sumant for Indian Book Critics

Autobiography of a Yogi
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A very interesting read… other than anything else! Everything else, you will figure out for yourself!

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