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International Relations Amit Sinha UPSC book

For UPSC aspirants, studying international relations (with a special focus on Indian perspective) is always essential. Though there are more than a hundred books out in the market on the subject, this is never easy when it comes to choosing the right one, the perfect one! The subject becomes very important because it does not only benefit in the earlier stage of the UPSC exam but also in the mains and then further in the interview as well. So, a good point scoring always has to cross the lane of International relations and so, the aspirants must be aware of good books which can help them in this. Today, I will be showing all the UPSC aspirant why a book by Amit Sinha, International Relations, is an important and useful book for them.

International Relations by Amit Sinha contains 412 pages and each of them is worth investing some time. Let me describe to you the last section first, which is important by all means, IR Questions with Answers. This section contains many important questions which can be asked and also answers them in the best possible manner so that you can understand a perfect way to answer critical questions as well as understand the concept clearly. Questions, such as failure of India to import nuclear fuels from the countries it has signed bilateral agreements, are very important and needs to be studied deeply. The answers will guide you in a certain direction where you can develop your own arguments.

Chapters such as Indian Diaspora and a detailed study of the various International Bodies are certainly fresh additions to a book on this subject and it adds weight to the overall preparations of the aspirants. These chapters satisfy most of the queries that an aspirant can have related to the contributions of Indian Diaspora to the growth of various parts of the world as well as the important roles and responsivities of the International Bodies.

Other general chapters such as Indian relationship with Iran, with France, with Pakistan and many other countries have been discussed in detail and all the recent developments have been taken into consideration. These chapters will help the students prepare for the contemporary as well as the historical perspective of Indian approach towards these bilateral relationships with its neighbours and other countries.

The book by Amit Sinha is a worth-having piece for the aspirants because it makes the task of understanding the International Relations rather easy and convenient for the aspirants. The friendly tone in which the chapters have been prepared and the important questions which tail the chapters are very innovative and well-prepared. As someone who has been monitoring and studying various books on such subjects, I will say that the book will cover the essential as well as the advanced aspects of International Relations which is important and critical for the UPSC examination.

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review by Suraj Sharma for Indian Book Critics

International Relations by Amit Sinha
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One of the best books for International Relations for UPSC

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  • Thanks! It helped me making my decision for the key book! Thanks so much!

  • I will be buying the book very soon. Thanks very much sir

  • Sharmila Bhatnagar
    June 25, 2018 4:01 pm

    Certainly, this is one of the best books for studying International Relations for the UPSC exams… I have bought this book back in early 2018 and find it very useful as well updated. You have rightly pointed the key highlights of the book! Good to see my UPSC bookc choices being reflected by the experts like yourself!


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