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Business communication second edition oxford review

Communication is an essential part of life but when you enter in corporate life, ordinary communication does not play a much significant part. Business communication, a term that we are all familiar with, comes on the list of essentials as soon as a person begins the corporate journey – as a professional, whether employed or offering employment to others. One has to be very careful and look for certain checks and balances. We all must agree that business communication, if effective and executed perfectly, paves our way to a successful journey in the world of corporate. In the world of technology, communication plays a pivotal role. Moreover, in the modern world people will not be judged by how many degrees one has. Rather they will judge you by how effective is your communication. In the business environment, people often have to talk with seniors and juniors where there is a professional relationship. That’s why there are certain rules and regulations that revolves around business communication. So, today I will talk about a book ‘Business Communication’ written by Meenakshi Raman and Prakash Singh published by OUP India. This book has done a good job of letting us know the essentials for business communication.

About the Book:
Though you might say it as an academic book or non-academic as well, let me make it clear that this book will help a reader either way. It can be useful for the person who is pursuing MBA in HR and also beneficial to them who are working in a corporate company and want to enhance their position. Moreover, it can also be helpful for an enthusiast doing a simple graduation or post graduation degree. It does not only depict certain rules about communication rather takes all things together like, resume writing, group discussion, business mailing and many more. It covers multiple things and presents them before us in one book.

The book is divided into four parts. As a reader, you will start with understanding business communication, writing business messages and documents, developing oral communications skills for business and you might move toward understanding specific communication needs. So, it is designed in a way that students or the readers will find it pretty easy to access and understand step by step. One thing I found that is lacking is certainly the language. The authors have used long sentences rather than providing thoughts and messages in an easy language. It could be done better if they have written in easy language that can be understood by every student. However, if the readers know English to moderate level then they will find it pretty easy to understand. So, the prerequisite to reading this book is a knowledge of English at a moderate level.

The book is designed in a way to provide the reader with adequate exposure to the various form and practices of business communication, primarily focusing on the communication needs of management students. However, at the same time, it will serve to best to working professionals as well who want to learn communication in depth.

So, the book is helpful for academic and non-academic readers both. In every walk of our life, we need strong communication skills to interact with strange people and a corporate office is just a new place where we have to make a mark on our own. It does not matter, what you know and what you have the matter that matters the most is how you represent your thoughts. The conversation in the ebook will not only help readers to understand the nuances of business communication but also enable them to enhance their communication skills at the workplace. So, in my opinion, the book is a must-have for the enthusiasts of business communication and I am sure it will benefit them in many possible ways! All the best! You can get a copy of the book from Amazon India by clicking the link below:

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review by Amit Mishra for Indian Book Critics

Business Communication - second edition by Oxford
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A must-have book for communication enthusiasts… well-settled in the Indian corporate context and it will certainly benefit the readers.

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  • I was looking for such a book that let me know the basics as well as the advance of Business communication. I can sense it from your review that the book is pretty good and well written.


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