Exam Warriors by PM Modi – book review

Read the book review of a national bestseller by Narendra Modi, the Indian PM, – Exam Warriors. Aimed at students who are ready to face examinations, Exam Warriors tells the ways to beat the exam stress and do the best. Read below.

Well, PMs of India have had a history of turning to writers and producing a handful of pieces of quality literature. We often get to hear about Nehru and his writings. In other words, this is what, at least, we were being told since our childhood. Nehru was a great writer, anyway! In the recent list updating, we see another PM making it to the popular authors’ list – Narendra Modi. His book Exam Warriors has enjoyed several days as the number one bestseller book on Amazon and continues to be so because people do want to read what Modi has written for the students who fear examinations and he certainly has made a connection with the readers – not only the children but also their parents as well as students at other higher levels. His book offers a visual journey with a bunny as a guide who takes the readers on an inspiring tour to exams…

“Be a warrior, not a worrier.”

And the author, Narendra Modi, is right! Students should focus on preparing for the examination and take it as an opportunity to enhance their career aspects rather than worrying about thoughts which are rather unpleasant and promote despair.

Narendra Modi has written about many elementary rules which will certainly help the students beating the exam stress. He has also mentioned the importance of Yoga and different forms of it during the days of examination. And all the Asanas that he has mentioned have a direct impact on one’s focus and concentration.

More than anything else, the book is not an over-paged and over-hypothesised thesis about exams and their importance in human life. This book, Exam Warriors, simply tells the readers how to take exams as a staircase to a better future and how to start celebrating the days of examinations instead of worrying about our marks and scores. He (the author) has also reached out to the parents through his book. Narendra Modi and his book Exam Warriors will prove to be the better companions for the students who are all set to take the examinations this year and this is certainly the session of exams in our country.

A timely book by the Indian prime minister and something that a common reader can also find interesting. Why I am a Hindu would certainly be out of proportions when it comes to the common readers or the readers of very young age. Exam Warriors must make an impact upon the students of the country because it also emphasises the need for ‘quality education’ rather than ‘quantity education’. It tells the readers that good marks are good but not on the cost of good education and this is really a concern in India for decades.

You must read this book irrespective of whatever you do or whatever is your education level. Modi’s book deserves the praises it has been receiving these days. You can secure your copy of the national bestseller by visiting the Amazon link below:

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Review by Amit

Exam Warriors - reviewed
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A must-read book for everyone! Just get your copy now and give your two-hours to the book and then only you will realise how good it is!


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