Finally, a doctor comes up with an authentic book on Menopause – Her Passover by Dr Jasmin Johnson

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Her Passover a book on menopause jasmin johnson

“This book is for all women who can gain from an understanding of these issues. It is also for the woman’s family members so that they understand the changes and support her to make the journey an enriching one.”

Right in the preface of the book, the author makes it amply clear. The book is for everyone who is concerned about women. Menopause is a phase that every woman has to go through. However, if she does not receive the support and concern of others, the process might become irritating, troublesome and not ‘good’. And this subject, sadly, was long-forgotten by those who write books. Even if there were a few attempts, none came from someone who was an authority on the subject. Dr Jasmin Johnson, who practices as a physician in Mumbai, has done her extensive research on this subject and she tries to present her thoughts, ideas, suggestions and solutions in the form of stories, making her book even more engaging and interesting. Her Passover: Story of Menopause, Anger & Love… the title itself clarifies many things about the book. 

In the Indian book market, most authors come up with romantic stories or intriguing stories featuring romance. And this is simply because they want to reach more and more readers and also want to make profits by selling more copies and what kinds of books sell these days, we all know. And therefore, one has to commend Dr Jasmin Johnson for her decision to come up with a book that takes up an issue and raises valid as well as very important points… issue that must be discussed among common people frequently, openly and without any veils of doubts or shrouds of confusion. Periods, as well as menopause, has been (almost) taboos in India and still continue to be the same with some sparks of hopes here and there, then and now. A book will certainly help the cause a big time. And a book from a doctor who is also a woman will just boost the cause… and Dr Johnson has to be congratulated for this effort she made. 

Her Passover is not only for women who are about to or already have experienced menopause. This book is for every woman who is concerned about her health. Dr Johnson writes in her preface:

“This book is for all young women and girls who are willing to take a step towards good health and vitality – all the way through their advanced ages.”

I, being a woman myself, have found the book to be truly helpful, communicating the important messages and also relating the stories with this concerning issue… I am sure that anyone who reads this book will understand the importance of the support that women need while this transition takes place. I also congratulate and thank the author for this much-needed book on a much-needed subject to be discussed in the literature, the mainstream literature.

Anyone who wants to understand menopause and also understand various ideas and aspects associated with it should read this book. There are two apparent advantages associated with it – written by an authority, a doctor and written by someone who is a woman herself. There is an emotional connect and there is also an intellectual and scientific process involved. The narrative, on the literary front, is equally enchanting. So, do read the book if you are conscious about women health being a woman yourself or being someone who has a wife, sister or friends who will have to move through this transition a day!

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Article by Samridhi for Indian Book Critics

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