How to Win Friends and Influence People

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Win Friends Influence People Carnegie

Dale Carnegie belongs to the league of those authors which has changed the course of inspirational writing. He was an American writer and lecturer with a subtle devotion to writing with certain purposes. And without a doubt, we can surely rest it that Dale Carnegie is one of the best writers in the history of self-improvement books. His major quality was to translate visions into reality through his writings. His writings work as an internal flame for the readers to achieve something greater in their life. Though he has written many books, today I am going to talk about his famous book, ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’. This is generally considered as a step by step guide to understanding people at different levels.

Technically, this book has been divided into four parts. First, handling people second people like you third Win people through your way of thinking and at last be a leader and change people. And this book deals all this in detail with a pragmatic treatment of every topic which comes within the ambit of the discourse. The focus is all about how to control your mind while arguing with someone in any given situation. Examples are there to visualize things clearly. And what I like most in the book are the stories that have been told in every chapter. They are related to everyone’s life and we can put ourselves there and judge the situation. A completely different scenario will come out in front of your eyes – where I was doing wrong in handling a situation. It is not about just winning friends and influencing people; it’s also about winning yourself. Like a famous story in this book that ends with a motto ‘don’t criticize, complain or condemn’. People don’t like criticism rather they like the suggestion. These issues are treated in a wonderful manner throughout the book.

Sometimes, in our life, we realize even our best friend is not our friend anymore. What was the mistake? Who was guilty? Every time we think of these types of incidents which give us a pain in our heart. When I finished this book, I have seen some dramatic change in myself in the way of handling people. Moreover, I am making more and more friends. So, I can say this book does not only exist in theories but in practical life also. Because, this is not such kind of self-improvement book that teaches you some hard fundamental facts like be a hyperactive person, think out of the box, illuminate your inner strength etc. This book relates us to the common feelings of life in day to day walk. At last, I want to say one thing I enjoyed reading this book you must read this book in your lifetime. And I am also sure about it that if you are an active reader, you must have gone through at least one book by Dale Carnegie! 🙂 Go for it too – How to Win Friends and Influence People. You can get your copy at a very low price from the Amazon link below:


Dale Carnegie: Win Friends and Influence People on Amazon India


review by Amit Mishra

Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie
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