I-Spy: A Peep into the World of Spies by Amit Bagaria – Review

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I-Spy Amit Bagaria book review

I-SPY: A Peep into the World of Spies is one of the many books written by Amit Bagaria, the emerging author of non-fiction books on political and strategical issues in and of India and the world. I-Spy takes the readers into the web of intelligence and the world of spies, as the subtitle clearly suggests. Amit Bagaria has tried to dismantle the myths that the TV and fancy movies have created about the spies being like James Bond and Jason Bourne. I-Spy is an informal database-cum-handbook that tells the readers about the life and job of a spy as well as ranks the world’s leading intelligence agencies from the top to the bottom. So, where does India stand? I won’t answer that question and you will have to read in the book yourself. 


I-Spy Amit Bagaria book review


The Content: 

The author has created not any unnecessary fuss and he has decided to let the readers know, at the very beginning, that there are no possible ways to verify the information that he has provided in the book. Nevertheless, most of them are in the public domain and can be found once anyone cares to dig a little deeper on the web. The content is informative, interesting and certainly compelling that the readers will enjoy. It begins with a preface and then it introduces the readers to various abbreviations and sign-words that the spies and intelligence agencies use while communicating maintaining the secrecy. This is useful. And then, the author has analysed the operations, activities and strengths of the leading intelligence agencies in the world one by one. It begins with MI6 and ends with VSSE. 

Behind the Content: 

Amit Bagaria has done his homework before writing such a book. Books like I-Spy demand quality research to an extensive level as well as dedication to the facts. However, the lack of any list of primary or secondary sources that the author has used makes it a little tough for the readers to satisfy their further curiosity beyond the book. The language is very simple and contemporary and the book can equally be enjoyed by the readers of any age group. 

Conclusion and Recommended Readers: 

Are you interested in knowing the reality behind the glimmer of the big screen? If you are interested in knowing what the real world James Bonds do for their country in terms of asset development and intelligence gathering, you need to read this book by Amit Bagaria and he will tell you that these guys, the real spies, look ordinary and mingle with us and probably also sit behind the desk more than they are shown in the TV! Do you believe that? Either yes or no, you need to read this book! Get a copy from Amazon and enjoy your time: 

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review by Manish for Indian Book Critics 


180 Rs







Ease of Reading





  • Simple Reading
  • Interesting Facts
  • Extensive Analysis


  • Lack of primary or secondary sources' list
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