Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy by Jayaram Rajaram – Book Review

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Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy book review

No book can be complete ‘right at the target’. However, many might come close to that phrase. The recent one I have gone through (and liked) is written by a seasoned investor, Jayaram Rajaram. Jayaram’s book is titled Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy. Though I am not sure whether the book may actually make someone insanely wealthy, one thing is certain. If someone follows the useful suggestions that the author has provided in the book, does an analysis of the rising and potentially growing company (with the suggested tools)and invests wisely in managing a varied but wise portfolio, becoming wealthy is surely on the cards. What’s new? Any book can tell the same thing. Why am I recommending it over others? To know all that, read the review. 

So, what’s new in the book? Why this book is different? Who should read the book? Well, to answer the question specifically, I can make a count of many qualities that the book might exhibit to different kinds of readers. However, the best that I find suitable for everyone who will read this book (and supposing that everyone who reads this book is a beginner in investing) is the simplicity of the content. You don’t have to bang your head left and right or up and down in confusion to decode what the author might be telling in various chapters. Jayaram Rajaram has kept his book loaded but with simple suggestions and ideas to follow that you can conveniently understand, find the exact sense being conveyed and easily decide whether to follow it or not… as the author has also supplied the related calculations, deductions and outcomes. 

The author has not approached the ‘idea’ of investment as an academic conjecture or outrightly technical concept. The author has kept the humane elements alive – intuition, confidence, self-reliance, an initial mathematical skill and you are all set to understand where you should be standing in the next 4-5 years or 10-15 years if you follow the steps suggested by Jayaram Rajaram in his debut book Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy! Yes, you might need to apply your own instincts as well. The author is open for the same and he does not endorse anything other than the ideas that he has suggested in the book. The tools suggested in the book are open for one’s own analysis and evaluation. 

The ideas suggested in the book for various kinds of investment are new and unorthodox (for many traditional investors) but aptly suitable for a modern and young generation that believes in a settled life once it comes to reap the benefits of hard work and laborious days. For them, Jayaram may have just the right thing they need in terms of motivation and an introductory strategic piece of investment literature. Are you one of those who has been sticking to the green and red candles so far? Time to shift to the long-run strategy where you don’t have to worry about candles every hour – you invest and get busy with your job… you invest after studying the company growth profile rather than its performance during the previous business day!

Not only monetary investment in stocks, but you can also learn many new things about investing in real estate, rental apartments for offices and warehouses and also the most recent one, peer to peer lending for better interests and long-term gains. 

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Review by Ashish for Indian Book Critics

Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy by Jayaram Rajaram – Book Review
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Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy by Jayaram Rajaram is a book on investment in all kinds of assets… it has unique suggestions to offer to beginners and one must read it before beginning anything new.

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