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Meditations by J Krishnamurti review critics book

Indian authors, the spiritual league, have been so impressive with their writing that the body of spiritual work does never get any old. Recently, I had my hands on this book entitled Meditations authored by J. Krishnamurti. The book is a gem! I will say it as the first impression to all the readers who are often excited to read the books other than the usual fictional narrative – non-fiction and serious books – spiritual books. The book, the edition that I have, is so cute looking edition and the blurb is exciting enough to entice the readers. And, let me tell you, the pages are simply flowing… you will no be stopping for a while.

“To be absolutely nothing is to be beyond measure.”

And the page is over! What else would you like? Such is the beauty of this quality book – Meditations. It is a collection of the excerpts from the random talks and speeches and writings of J. Krishnamurti over time. Specifically, the excerpts are chosen from the parts where Krishnamurti talks about mediation and its ramifications and its importance.

I had a sheer through of enjoyment reading this amazing book which offered me the pieces of thoughts by a very proclaimed and respected person. I will walk you through some other of the pages which hold the caprice with complete beauty and splendour.

“Meditation is the ending of the word…”

Is it true? I was astonished seeing this first but when I read the things beyond this line on the same page, I was calmed and relieved! Other than this, at one place, Krishnamurti tells that love is a meditation… and it is beyond all that what we call social pressure and societal norms.

In this world, we are always very busy and taken by the time’s sword and always thinking about things like making more money, giving bright education to our children, giving all the pleasure to our wives and so on… do we even think of keeping our mind at rest for a while? Try it and you won’t be successful in doing so. However, once you read this book which contains the gems by J. Krishnamurti, you will surely give your thought towards trying at meditating for sometime in your busy day…

Even if you don’t want meditation, you can surely enjoy this book for the sake of reading something meaningful and interesting. All the best with your reading, guys and a happy day!


review by Rahul for IBC

Meditations - review
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A must-read book for every lover of non-fiction spiritual books!

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