Moral Fiber by Shawn Vij – Book Review

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Moral Fiber by Shawn Vij review

Shawn Vij, who is a well-known business leader in the USA, has authored Moral Fiber by the inspiration from The Dalai Lama’s simplicity and also on the basis of his massive experience that he had earned throughout his professional career and interactions with people in the past. The book has done extremely well among the readers and the corporate professionals who have praised the book for its well-structured advice and tips to manage a good outlook and behaviour at the workplace.

The modern working world is a dangerous place, where game-playing, duplicity and sheer animosity are prevalent. Nobody would remain untouched from the same. Then, how to deal with them and protect oneself from their trap? Do talent, skills, knowledge and hard work count for nothing? Is it possible that by adhering to innate values, such as kindness, compassion, love and honesty, one can thrive in such a world? How to reawaken these core values and act on them?

Moral Fiber written by Shwan Vij answers all these questions beautifully with apt examples. Shawn has used his extensive corporate experience, his past research, his learnings of Buddhism and his interaction with His Holiness the Dalai Lama to create this 208 pages eye-opener. I won’t call it a self-help book. I found it something more than that. In my opinion, Moral Fiber is all about corporate politics, human psychology and embracing innate values.

The book offers step-by-step guidance on how to act and break the vicious circle of a corpulent society which is driven desires and live a fulfilled life by sticking to your core values. The book also divulges strategies and techniques for not only surviving but thriving in a toxic business environment. The author takes our attention to many such elements of life which we need to possess, but we have turned our face away from them while pursuing pleasures, possessions and powers. He also describes the 3 poisons of life – Greed, Anger and Ignorance that result in creating the 4 different types of toxic behaviours – Deception, Detraction, Discrimination, and Doubt.

Today, every one of us is highly influenced by our surroundings. Instead of exploring our own methods, we try to imitate people around. This way we unknowingly adapt their negatives in us. The book also helps us look beyond mimicking people and inspect the unseen side of ourselves.

Written in the plain and simple language, the book easily engrosses the readers with its beautiful narrative and interesting illustrations from the life of the author. The book has all things which consist of wisdom and gratefulness.  However, I feel, most of the book just reiterated what we already know, however it was nice to read it in a fresh voice with fresh examples. This is the kind of book I hope should fall into the hands of everyone working in the corporate sector. How different would it be if people pursue their goals without letting go who they are and what they believe?  Apart from business professionals, this book is for anyone who is losing control of life and wants to rediscover the meaning of life.

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Review by a reviewer for Indian Book Critics

Moral Fiber by Shawn Vij – Book Review
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The book is ideal for corporate professionals who think that leading a life without values and ethics can lead them to success. Sadly, that’s not the case. You do need values and ethics at the workplace. Shawn has advice for you.

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  • I could not resist commenting. Perfectly written.i have been surfing online more than 2 hours lately. However, I could not find any books to read. This review and the things about Shawn’s book have certainly got my attention and I will go through it for sure.


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