On The Way by Vanisha Uppal – Book Review

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ON The Way Vanisha Uppal book review

Vanisha Uppal’s book, On The Way, is about everything (almost) in life from a common person’s point of view. And in those perspectives of life, there are things that fall under a wide range of different aspects of life’s optimum concepts, as the author puts it in her introduction and the blurb of the book. You can say this is a spiritual book. You can call it a religious book. You can even call it a self-help book or just a recollection of one’s life hitherto. The book is divided into 26 articles and 10 short stories. Everything points at different aspects of life. How small things can change our lives for good? How to reconcile with one’s own weaknesses? How to ensure that we are on the right path? How to understand the teenage crush in the best way? How to take care of one’s needs and not panic? There are many things that the book covers and you will like it all, reading and realising. The short stories in the end and poems at the end of a few chapters… the book was a unique experience that was unexpected but totally enjoyable. 

The author has written about a near-death experience and how she came back from it. The author has written about experiences that changed her perspectives on many things in life, being so demanding from God is one of those. Vanisha writes:

“I asked myself, why I have no control over my life. Why am I so restless and anxious? What is real confidence and how to attain it? …”

This comes in chapter three and this one can be said to be the turning point in the book. After the third chapter, the book turns into an account of someone in which there are several big-small realisations and the author wants to share the same with her readers (at every possibility). 

Vanisha Uppal discusses her practice of meditation and the impact it had upon her. She also narrates her journey into the practice of Kriya Yoga and her meeting with Guru Per H. Wibe and how it changed her. Vanisha’s story can well become anyone’s story. Her version is generic and authentic. The chapters transform into anecdotes that can help anyone change one’s perspective about accepted benchmarks in human life – pain, pleasure, fear, anxiety, troubles, love, hatred, jealousy and so on… 

“An image can be seen in still water clearly, not when it has many ripples and disturbances.”

The author turns into a guide who wants to change the way readers think about various things in life. Focus on the inside and the world outside will change for you. She tries to help the readers understand concepts of meditation and Kriya Yoga through vivid examples and she has been successful in drawing the right analogies and making herself amply clear for those who are conscious enough to understand these complex concepts. 

As a book, On The Way has many things that can help a reader relax, see things with control upon oneself and understand the things that are within one’s control and outside of it. Understanding one’s actual limitations can liberate a person from many unnecessary burdens! Written in simple language and with exceptional clarity, the book may be helpful to many if read in the right way. Don’t get confused about genders and roles in the stories that follow the general chapters. Poems are enjoyable, simple, relatable and direct versification of the chapters. 

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Review by Ashish for Indian Book Critics

On The Way by Vanisha Uppal – Book Review
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On The Way by Vanisha Uppal is a self-help book that is a recollection of anecdotes that will remind the readers how one can alleviate oneself from distress and confusion to realisation and happiness.

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