Science of Uncertainty: A Doctor’s Experience by Doctor Thanumalaya Arumugam – Book Review

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Science of Uncertainty by Dr Arumugam Thanumalaya book review

What is medical science? How exactly is the medical profession? What are some vital points that a healthy doctor-patient relationship should have? These things may be monotonous to know. However, what about reading the story of a successful person from a semi-urban Indian city who achieved a great reputation as a doctor in the USA? The second part might be interesting for everyone who wishes to become successful and achieve something big. It is what the book by Dr Arumugam Thanumalaya, Science of Uncertainty: A Doctor’s Experience, tells you. 

There are ten chapters in the book. Chapters may seem detailed and feel tedious. Since this memoir is personal and the author discusses things from a subjective point of view (in the first-person narrative), many readers who have been reading contemporary fiction may find this a little odd. However, it does not shun the fact that Science of Uncertainty, the book, still brings many new things to readers. Even being a non-fiction book with many thematic and aesthetic limitations, this attempt by a doctor should have many readers as it extends beyond just being an autobiographical recollection of thoughts. It is a collection of emotions and ideas that made the pursuit of passion and vision possible.

 Chapter 6, in which the author details his arrival in the USA and the hectic change in many things, seemed very important to me. Those who aspire to practise medicine in the USA must read this chapter carefully. The author has written about cultural, professional and many other differences that the USA brings. A snippet is below: 

“Between 1993 to 1995, I poured myself into every moment I could study and learn. I was finding the exams and majority of work a lesson in repetition and opportunity to hone my abilities, yet I discovered a variable in the practice of American medicine that I had not been familiar with in any real depth; insurance and the companies that provide it created an entirely unearthed branch of medicine for me, and it was what also caused the most difficulty in the flow of the process.”

The ninth chapter details the COVID-19 pandemic and how it changed the world for everyone. It, however, comes from the perspective of a doctor who played an important role (like all other doctors did), not only in curing the patients with whatever possible aids but also consoling and comforting them mentally and emotionally! This chapter also brings to the notice of readers why doctors are an important pillar of the social structure. 

Overall, Science of Uncertainty: A Doctor’s Experience is a book that features medical science at the centre while keeping other major and minor details in the circle around it. The writing by Dr Arumugam is appreciable. Readers will find many anecdotes, episodes and memories from the author’s life interesting, amusing, and exemplary (in no certain order). And it makes the non-fiction book with a very strict theme readable, relatable, and enjoyable. Anyone who is looking to change the course of his or her reading list can surely have a go. 

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Review by Ashish for Indian Book Critics 

Science of Uncertainty: A Doctor's Experience by Doctor Thanumalaya Arumugam – Book Review
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Science of Uncertainty: A Doctor’s Experience by Doctor Thanumalaya Arumugam is a book that will not entertain readers… but make them aware of many things that a doctor does, many things that a boy from South India did to achieve success in different countries of the world!

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