Such is Her Life – review

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Such is Her Life book review

Book – Such is Her Life
Author – Reecha Agarwal Goyal
Publisher – Fingerprint Publishers
Pages – 178
Year – 2018

At times, we just need to read the things which can be enjoyed instantly and then moved over. However, on rare occasions though, we do come across books which belong to our thoughts for a longer period of time even after we finish reading and put the book aside. Let me tell you about such a book I read recently. It is Reecha Agarwal Goyal’s book titled Such is Her Life. Let me also tell you in advance that HER is bold and large on the cover and it means a lot – the book is about women and it’s written in some magical manner – thoughts keep coming and striking the readers left, right and centre.

“She is like a man – a big compliment.
He is like a woman – nothing can be
more degrading.”
Isn’t there something wrong,
something fundamentally wrong
with their mindsets?”

And I couldn’t agree more! Reecha has got the nerves and squeezed it to make us realise where do we stand on such delicate issues and what have we made of our society – a mess which cannot be messier!

The blurb defines the book as “a collection of musings that will have you reeling in a wave of emotion long after you are done reading…”

I agree. The book, having 178 pages of ramblings, is certainly worth reading and giving some time. The author has spoken her mind in a poetic way and she has established the right touch with the readers.

“She demanded a lot of answers.
She just didn’t know whom to question.”

The lines define the delusion that the world is. A woman has to go through the same lanes, same stairs to success, same path to salvation but the journies aren’t the same at all – the path, however the same, treats the ‘pilgrims’ always in a biased manner and we all know where the problems are. Who will she ask?

In short, Such is Her Life is about the beauty that is forgotten or ignored or abused. A woman’s life is as important as a man’s life but we certainly need to look into the both with dignity equally showered. Reecha’s book reminds us what we miss, generally. Though she says nothing new to the world but the manner in which she articulates her feeling is certainly fresh, new, emphatic as well as striking. Reading a thesis on feministic values can certainly be boring after an hour but this little larger than a pocket-sized book will keep the readers hooked; you just don’t what that pink page brings next…

This book is ideal for women and a must-read for MEN! You can get a copy of this book from the Amazon link below:

Buy the copy of Such is HER Life on Amazon – click here

review by Amit for IBC

Such is Her Life by Reecha A. Goyal
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I liked the expression.
I liked the language.
I liked its overall appeal…

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  • Somewhat a different treatment for a common problem. True questions has been raised in this book with an approach to deliver something new to the readers.


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