Technology of the Gods: The Incredible Sciences of the Ancients – Review

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Technology of the Gods_ The Incredible Sciences of the Ancients review

When you look at the wonderful sites on this blue planet you would have always imagined how these things have been made. We are often captured by the attraction of some of the most beautiful and breath-taking architectures around the globe, those, according to the science we know, must have been made with some primitive tools. Well, I think, could that even be possible? Whether we talk about the grand old pyramids of Giza or the great Ram Setu of India built on the ocean to attack Sri Lanka or even the underground city of Dwarka or the great Temple of Kailasha, something must strike our minds forcefully – who could have made this? These sites have been a point of discussion among scholars and scientists for long. Everyone has tried their luck to solve the mysteries about how they were built. The scientist, archaeologist, anthropologists or astrologist have tried their level best to provide us with a conclusion to unfold the curtain of these mysteries. Some has gone even far away and called that as extra celestial bodies have done this. Aliens are still a mystery for us and we don’t know whether they exist or not, if yes then where and how? Many authors have tried to simplify these things and David Hatcher Childress is one of them who has written a fabulous book that talks about the ancient civilization and their technology. His book ‘Technology of the Gods: The Incredible Sciences of the Ancients’ has done a great job in adding more knowledge to the subject of ancient civilizations and their technologies. 

Brief About the Book: 

The world is very vast and the settings are pretty complex that we cannot understand it easily.  We are surrounded by many ancient things that we cannot explain how did it happen. The book tries to provides us with a view that we can think like this. Though he is not assuring that it is purely true and makes it clear that is just a point of view being offered by the author. The author puts his arguments in a clean and crisp manner. He entices us by the simple argument first – when we try to travel in our past then we come to know how vast and technically sound our civilization is. It is a natural tendency among us that we often mock these things which we fail to explain. The temple of Zeus, city of Dwarika, Callanish stones of Scotland and ancient cities of Greece and many more excite us to rediscover these things and try to reach to a conclusion. 

In ordinary parlance, the book is not about mainstream archaeology. It rather poses many questions in our reading. Do you really think that we have reached the current level of technologies in just 200 or 300 hundred years? When you look at the recent past and try to figure out Inca Empire where blocks were 200-ton blocks and still they were moved and put into place with precision to the millimetre, how can it be possible even with the help of modern types of machinery? 


There are some astonishing facts and answerable questions that are present in the book which will make you walk with a quest to know more about that. The writer tries to show us that our earth is full of wonderful technologies that we have not explored yet rather we are busying exploring the space.


The language used in the book is friendly for even a 10-year-old kid who can read English. It is a book that constructs curiosity inside the readers’ mind and tries to help the readers drive their ideas somewhere – somewhere that we can have our own conclusions. However, for serious readers of such subjects, it will be known sooner or later that David Hatcher Childress is rather pushing the argument that our ancestors were capable enough and more capable than us. Nonetheless, is he wrong in supposing that? How can we explain many things that we see around us? 

My Rating:

I will rate the book a full 5 out of 5 stars. It is a great book that tries to put the arguments in the right direction and with conviction. Whether you agree with the thoughts of the author or not is up to you! 

So, to me, Technology of the Gods: The Incredible Sciences of the Ancients, is a must-read book and it will certainly open a new dimension of thinking if you have never thought in the direction… 

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Technology of the Gods: The Incredible Sciences of the Ancients
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A must-read classic on ancient technology!

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