The Art of Becoming Whole by Pooja Khanna – Review

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The Art of Becoming Whole by Pooja Khanna review

Book Title: The Art of Becoming Whole: A Guide to Self Mastery
Author: Pooja Khanna
ISBN: 978-9389995299
Publication: EMBASSY BOOKS: October 8, 2020; Paperback
Pages: 226
Genre: Spiritual, Self-help
Price: 354 RS (paperback edition)
Review by: Amit for Indian Book Critics 

In India, many self-help masters have emerged in recent years. Many of them, no doubt, have become famous as well. However, the problematic thing in their writings is the complex approach to the ideas that they advocate. A person who does not notice anything beyond a 9-6 job in a metro city cannot understand the complexities of Moksha, Mukti, life sans attachment and so on. Yes, all of us wants peace! All of us, however, cannot digest when the idea of peace is served with protracted arguments loaded with intellectually abstract ideas that we cannot fathom! Nevertheless, some authors have tried to simplify these things in their book. One of them, certainly new, is Pooja Khanna who has written a wonderful book entitled The Art of Becoming Whole: A Guide to Self Mastery. In this article, I will highlight some of the most important features of the book. 

Written in plain and simple language, the book offers easy but effective remedies against most of the problems that we face in our everyday life. Anxiety, stress, fear, loss, rejection and many other problems are discussed in detail by Pooja in her book. One single solution, if I may choose from her entire book, that is broadly highlighted by the author is loving oneself. In the second paragraph of the 14th chapter, the author writes:

“What does self-love mean? It means loving every part of you, even the parts that are not so lovable. It means accepting your strengths, your flaws, your victories, your failures, your mistakes – all of it.” 

The book has been divided into two parts – Deep Healing and Rising Higher. Both these parts aim at making the readers realise the inner strength that a human being possesses and then use the same to rise higher and lead a happy, self-content and wonderful life. The content is very well-bonded, logically moving in a progressive tone and it arouses the curiosity in the readers to read further. The readers will see it once they start reading the book.

Decorated with two parts, the book has 17 chapters. It starts with a person, the basic entity or the smallest point in the universe. It ends with Consciousness. How does the author define consciousness? She writes, at the beginning of chapter 17: 

“What is Consciousness? Consciousness is Pure Love. Consciousness is Awareness. Consciousness is Source Energy. Consciousness is Peace. Consciousness is the Divine Energy that rules the Universe.”

The ultimate chapter discusses merging into consciousness. In this chapter, the author has wonderfully concluded what she discussed in other chapters. 

Features of the book: 

  • Easy language 
  • Easy to understand ideas 
  • Wonderful exercises to make the readers realise practically what they read 
  • It acts as a practical guide to realising the power within 

Who should read the book?
It is for all the readers. It is not limited to people from a certain background or readers with a certain mindset. Anyone can read the book to understand what is the power that human beings have inside them. It will act as a mirror that shows the true nature of being. It will also help in reducing negativity, stress and getting the readers on the right path of self-improvement. It is a spiritual book with a practical approach. Loaded with easy to follow ideas and wonderful exercises, The Art of Becoming Whole is a must read book for everyone interested in self-help literature!

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Review by Amit for Indian Book Critics 

The Art of Becoming Whole by Pooja Khanna – Review
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The Art of Becoming Whole by Pooja Khanna is a self-help spiritual book that focuses on healing, realising, and thriving… a wonderful piece of contemporary spiritual literature.

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