The Eyes of the Sphinx – Review

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The Eyes of the Sphinx book review

What is the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear the name of Egypt? Surely, the great Pyramids of Giza strike your mind and you dive into the stories and every time you may come out with new explanations within your thoughts. In short, the pyramids of Egypt are still a wonder-pandora for many of us and we are always eager to know more and more about these wonderful examples of architect’s skills. Those beautiful architectures are so interesting that we cannot ignore to explore them. We have come to know that many books have been written in this field and in the process, we get to know many interesting facts.

The Eyes of the Sphinx book review

When I first knew about something called ‘Sphinx’ I was a little surprised to know about this. Some ancient texts reveal about this in detail that the sphinxes are the guards of the king frau. Whosoever will try to enter in the king’s chamber the Sphinx will be back in the mortal form. Can you imagine how they will look like a giant lion? These stories create a desire to understand the Egyptian world better and in the process to quench our desire we meet new books. I found a pretty interesting book written in this field named ‘The Eyes of the Sphinx: The Newest Evidence of Extraterrestrial Contact in Ancient Egypt’ written by Erich von Däniken. This one is really an interesting book that explores the extraterrestrial contact with sphinx.

About the Book:
The book tries to find a link between the great sphinx and extraterrestrial bodies. Whether the pyramids of Egpyt have been made by aliens or by humans. This is one of the most fascinating questions in this world that keeps on providing us with different facts on a regular basis. He claims that pyramids were made by the help of an alien race and now we have only ruined to continue the research that will lead us to a never-ending clue. Researches have failed to reach a conclusion to provide us with a possible idea about these.

Many stories have been discussed in detail like what happened after death in Egyptian civilisation. What was the connection between the king’s chamber and the probable aliens? Why we still fail to enter in king’s chamber? Is there any extraterrestrial contact with the king’s chamber? You will find all these answers in this thrilling book that will make you feel that you are travelling in Egypt and conducting research on Pyramids. And most of the times, he has done objective analysis rather being influenced by the previous Egyptologists.

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The Sphinx is always called the eyes of the Pyramid and it’s watching all the events taking place there. Moreover, in the technical term, it’s a surveillance camera to the aliens by which they can track our activities in that area. This book is amazing, interesting and wonderfully written and illustrated.

However, one thing needs to be told that we cannot rely 100% on any book in such genres that are full of conjecture and majorly based on speculative evidence rather than concrete ones. And so, I will say that the book does offer interesting claims but believing them entirely might not be possible for you if you are a little aware of the mysteries surrounding Egypt and the Pyramids.

The book is really interesting and it will be suitable for a group of readers who love to trace the phenomenon of Egypt. The great pyramids and their untold secrets cannot be solved in a book but the writer has tried his best to provide us with a linkage between the possibility and speculation. You can get a copy of the book from Amazon India by clicking the link below:

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review by Purushotam for Indian Book Critics

The Eyes of the Sphinx
  • Indian Book Critics' Review


Content – interesting
Language – moderate
Speculations – intriguing
Conclusion – a must-read for Egyptian seekers

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