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Treasure Trove of Zodiacs is a book written by popular astrologer from Delhi, Tanuj Lalchandani. This book offers a deep insight into the personality of people belonging to different zodiac signs and details out the categorised traits of personality – personal life, friends, love interests, money, career etc. The book will prove very helpful to all those readers who want to have a full control of their life as well as knowing about other people they engage with daily. Tanuj Lalchandani is an astrologer with adequate experience and he has been practising spirituality for more than 16 years now! Treasure Trove of Zodiacs is the debut book by him which will be followed by other books like Spiritual Karma very soon.

The Book:

A very colourful and glossy book awaits you once you buy it! The book runs through 176 pages and each page of the book is worthy to be read and an interesting fact about the book is that it can very well work out as your dating guide too! A person always wants to have more about the person he or she loves or plans to date. This book will tell you exactly the things you want to know. For an instance, suppose a person Sidharth falls in love with a girl Ramya and Ramya is a Taurus by chance. Now, the following information will be very useful for Sidharth:

“Ruled by Venus, these women are extremely sensuous. They love and truly admire the beautiful gifts they receive from their lover. It would be great to check up with them about the gift they wish to receive as they are always certain about what they want.” 

And that is, to say, just a real treasure if a man or a woman could understand these little but important things about their special ones without worrying too much and without spending too much time tracing these things out! And Tanuj has done an accurate and wonderful work in compiling all you want to know at one place.

The Research & Prediction & Astrology & Zodiac Signs:

You won’t be putting down this book because it is just the way you are! I have personally tried to match my personality and traits as well as that of my friends and this book, Treasure Trove of Zodiacs, brings out the exact details! After all, the author has been a Vastu expert, a palmist and an astrologer for more than 16 long years! His prediction about the personality of people will perfectly sit home for more than 90 out of each 100! You can be sure of this.

And thus, the book is a must-read for any reader who wants to know him or herself in a better way or know others a little more without hinting them out that you are intruding into their shell… You can get a copy of the book from the Amazon India link below:

Treasure Trove of Zodiacs: Tanuj Lalchandani on Amazon


review by Ravi

Treasure Trove of Zodiacs - reviewed
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A must have and a must read book for all! Just enjoy reading it once you buy it because the book is so good and so well-designed that it will remain with you for long!

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  • It seems like book has much to offer to the readers. And in depth review of the books even better for the readers to go for that. I am really impressed the way you told about the book. I will surely go for this!!


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