Amour – A Journey to find Love & Purpose of Life – review

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Amour A journey to find love and purpose of life review

Book – Amour: A Journey to find Love and Purpose of Life
Author – Anshuman Kashyap
Publisher – Evincepub
First Published – 2018
Pages – 116
Suitable read for – readers who feel excited to read inspired or inspiring love stories

Readers, I have been reading a lot in the recent days and today and also tomorrow, I will share the reviews of two of the most interesting books I have read. Today, let’s begin with Amour by Anshuman Kashyap, I will share my experience with a book which has been filled with love and passionate journey to discover one’s own life and purpose.

Amour is the story of two young lovers, Ansh and Anjali Jha. The guy is a student and so is the girl; however, the two are relatively young and enjoy the life first. Usual dates and meet-ups follow before Ansh discovers something horrible and everything is shattered. While down, Ansh even tries to commit suicide but is consoled by his father and later outs for a discovery of himself and some purpose of life. What happens there? You need to tell me that did he really see God there…

The latter part of the book is also inspiring and is certainly targeted at the young readers who are greedy for meaningful fiction these days. The novel, or rather a novella, is a simple, expressive and also very short. You can finish the book in just a little more than two hours.

The novel seems more inspired by the author’s own journey. You will feel the same as you read the book. Amour is a journey to self-discovery and a finding of true love. The novel tries to define a love which is away from just giving and taking – something which is pure.

Critically, I would love to give the book four stars but I will need to take back a half from my liberal rating. The author needs to polish his skills in writing and putting the emotional statements properly. At times, fiction takes the backseat and a strange kind of narrative takes over the proceedings which can become difficult for the casual readers to comprehend fully and well. Nevertheless, Anshuman Kashyap has made a brave attempt doing what he has done in his very debut book.

I would recommend this book to the fast readers, weekend readers and also regular readers. Everyone will be justified in his or her reading of the book. For a change, the book is nice!

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review by Amit for Indian Book Critics

Amour by Anshuman Kashyap - Review
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A good read for quick readers who read and move on to the new literature rather quickly. Anshuman, the debutant, has tried his best to find fine-tune and he has made it happen to a good extent. Needs improvements but the book is fine as of now for a good reading session or an hour or two…

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  • A nice one by Anushman Kashpay. Stroy of love and emotions always attracts recent day book lovers.
    Surely I will love to read this book.


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