Are You My Twinflame by Neha Sharma – Book Review

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Are you my Twinflame Neha Sharma book review

There have been many feministic novels in recent years. Even the ones by this latest, diverse and expressive generation of novelists in India have offered a variety of perspectives to the readers and critics. Feminism is not limited to a certain set of themes or ideas, anymore. And the same, by every means, reflects in the works by modern novelists. I have read Are You My Twinflame by Neha Sharma and have spent a few days, at least 2-3, contemplating the best way to put forth my opinions about this title or, in popular words, a book review. 

There are four major characters in this novel and you will know them as Akash and his wife Nyra, Siddharth and his wife Kittu. Everything goes smoothly for everyone (or at least it seems from the outside). However, when Kittu finds out his husband is not only a polygamist but also someone who rather enjoys it, things begin to change. It goes even worst when Siddharth hits at Nyra… Well, it might have been a story that could have taken any other turn and still be interesting, the author, Neha Sharma, has given the novel a twist that will surprise many readers. I will not disclose that twist and will leave it to you guys to find out. 

Siddharth cannot be said to be a gentleman or a good husband by any means. The same stands true for Akash. However, when you read their stories in their own words, you may find it surprising as well as humorous to an extent. Yes, the novelist has given everyone a chance to share his or her perspectives and you will read the same in first-person narratives from the perspectives of all major characters. Even Anna (a Russian woman) has been given a chapter to narrate her story in the first person and the readers will find it more than simply interesting. 

Coming to the meat of the story or the plot, the nuance or the theme and the centre of all seriousness in the novel – what makes the two women in their forties realise that they have not been living their lives with full freedom, control or even interest? What makes them enter the street they could not have thought of even looking at or thinking about? Nyra and Kittu are strangers… happily living, at least with their children and finding every day purposeful. However, one spark changes everything for them and, consequently, everything for everyone else in their lives. 

Are You My Twinflame explores the sexuality of men and women, desires and drives of human beings and tries to relate these things with the essence of life, definition of satisfaction and the very fuel of everything else we do. Though Neha Sharma, the novelist, has not tried to offer a very conspicuous conclusion to the story, readers will certainly be able to drive their conclusions once they reach that far. 

In spite of the seriousness involved in the theme, the language and treatment have been kept at a level that readers will find easy to read and even associate with. The novel is interesting and the storyline will have many things that will attract contemporary readers. However, at times, the dual-narratives will perplex the readers. It might lead to the classic dilemma – what does the novelist know? What do the readers know? Who is the best judge? 

Overall, Are You My Twinflame is a novel that will offer more than entertainment to the readers. At its height, the novel is very serious and it will certainly spur the critical faculties in a reader. You can get the novel from Amazon India by clicking the link below: 

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Review by Sarthak M for India Book Critics 

Are You My Twinflame by Neha Sharma – Book Review
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Are You My Twinflame by Neha Sharma is a contemporary fiction that explores men-women sexuality and tries to relate the drives and desires to the essence of life. Interesting and an ideal weekend read!

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