Naakam Dushman by Ravi Ranjan Goswami (Hindi) – Book Review

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Nakaam Dushman by Ravi Ranjan Goswami book review

Book: Nakaam Dushman
Language: Hindi
Author: Ravi Ranjan Goswami

The world of Indian English literature has been lit up with a variety of works published by a variety of authors in the recent two decades. People are able to associate themselves with themes that are close to their daily lives and that is what inspires authors to be realistic and imaginary in a perfect balance. I have recently read a wonderful work in Hindi by an author who has become famous for his works in Hindi as well as English. Nakam Dushman is a novella by Ravi Ranjan Goswami that depicts how terrorist organisations work in the modern world by using technology to the maximum benefit. Rajesh is the central protagonist of this novella. He is a spy who is on a mission to get information about the terrorists’ next step. The central agencies are in doubt because of the uneven behaviour of terrorist organisations in recent days. But the agencies are guessing that terrorists are planning something bigger and that’s why they are operating in the background or in a much covert manner. Rajesh collects pieces of information and the government manages to stop it after hurdles. From start to the end, the story has many things to offer the readers. It shows how these organisations have gone forward and have learnt the art of infliction which is no more executed in traditional manners. They can use social media platforms to destabilise the perception about anything, person or even float new fears in the minds of the countrymen. The terrorists are not only with guns and bombs in the modern world. They can also be an executive or big companies and live life as normal. However, under the veil, they can be sleeper cells who execute it-orders for their akas.

The story has a meaningful lesson for the reader and provides a deep insight into the ecosystem of a terrorist organization. Moreover, how intellectuals like Albert agree to help the terrorist and provide them with pieces of information. Albert is a professor of political science at Washington University who has changed his name from Abdul and is a native of Pakistan. The evil minds inside the country can be more harmful than the enemies outside the border. The conventional method of attacking has taken a new shape and the terror outfits are using their sleeper cells very cleverly and trying to disrupt the internal matters of the nation. This is very well explained by Ravi Ranjan Goswami in Nakaam Dushman.

Though Nakam Dushman is purely a work of fiction, it does certainly provide a ringside view of terror-tech operations running in India. How terrorists have graduated from attacking a hotel in a famous city to organising protests that involve leading personalities in the nation, often seen on TV news channels. We have seen a number of protests and outrages within the country in recent times on needless things. Protests and demonstrations are becoming more violent now and the main culprits are enjoying everything, sitting outside the borders of the nation. The world has changed a lot in the age of technology and the terrorists’ ringleaders don’t have to cross the border to make something happen. They can do it comfortably sitting in their homes.

In technical terms, the novel is very short and it will not take much time for a reader to finish it. The work will provide a racy experience to the readers of contemporary Indian fiction who are looking for something thrilling and exciting for leisure weekends of a wonderful in-journey reading experience. The work will also present a near-realistic depiction of how our secret service officials work to ensure the safety of our country while we sit home and discuss almost everything… It has left a lasting impact upon me and I would certainly recommend the novel to everyone! Buy the novel by clicking the link below:

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Review by Sarthak M for Indian Book Critics

Naakam Dushman by Ravi Ranjan Goswami (Hindi) – Book Review
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Naakam Dushman by Ravi Ranjan Goswami (Hindi) is a crime, spy and espionage terrorism thriller that keeps the readers excited throughout…

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