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Poorna Vinashak book review

Book: Purn Vinashak
Author: Ashish Kumar
Published by: Evincepub Publications
Publication Year: 2019
Formats: Amazon Kindle, Paperback
Genre: Philosophical, Spiritual, Mystery, Religious
Reviewed by: Ashish
Rating: 4/5 stars

Purn Vinashak, as the title suggests very clearly, is a novel that mixes many things together to create a completely different experience for the readers – thriller, mystery, adventure, spirituality, philosophy, and also religious elements. The novel fixates around a character named Surya Singha who is a travel guide and also a mysterious person as perceived by the characters around him – Ashish, Avinash and Puja. The novel is a mystery in itself as we, as the readers, are taken through different passages and paths only to understand that the character who is the fulcrum of the novel is none other but the brother of great King Ravana – Vibhishan himself.

Ashish, Avinash and Puja are people of the modern era and interested in researching about epics, religious texts and ancient scriptures. They are baffled when Surya Singha shocks them by revealing his true identity as a person who has lived many thousand years, has seen the great battle between Ram and Ravana, the great war of Mahabharata and also the two world wars. This revelation shocks Puja and others, especially Ashish who, thereafter, remains in awe throughout the novel.

‘Vibhishan Sir’ as other characters call him, reveals many secrets to these characters. Secrets and knowledge from Yoga, Spirituality, Karma, Ramayana and Mahabharata and many other ancient treasures that Ashish (and other characters) enjoy immensely.

Towards the conclusion, however, the novel takes a very different turn and a twist occurs that leaves Ashish shocked! This is something that the readers will find out themselves.

Purna Vinashak is written in Hindi and the author Ashish Kumar hasn’t left any spaces empty – content, language, plot, and theme – everything is properly maintained. However, at times, the novel’s narrative takes the shape of non-fiction as Vibhishan begins explaining things in details. That is something that only religious and spiritual readers will find exciting. Otherwise, the novel is exciting for the readers in general minus the Vibhishan’s extreme knowledge of things.

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review by Sumit for Indian Book Critics

Sampoorna Vinashak
  • Indian Book Critics' Rating


A very exciting read for the readers who love thrilling and mysterious fiction…

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