Raavan: Enemy of Aryavarta – book review

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Raavan enemy of aryavarta book review

Book: Raavan: Enemy of Aryavarta (Ram Chandra Series – Book 3)
Author: Amish Tripathi
Published by: Westland
Publication Year: 2019
Formats: Amazon Kindle, Paperback
Genre: Spiritual, Fantasy, Religious
Reviewed by: Ashish
Rating: 4.3/5 stars

We all know Raavan as a bad guy who is often shown as knowledgeable and powerful but evil. For the reason that Raavan was an evil person, people often (and they should) ignore the untold and unheard side of Raavan’s scholarship, a wide range of knowledge in various fields of life, his might and his ‘bright’ side. So, how can you know all those? How can you understand what Raavan was other than being evil and a giant, a rakshasa who was killed by Prabhu Sri Ram in the battle of Ramayana? There is an easy answer to this question – read the newly released book by Amish Tripathi – Raavan: Enemy of Aryavarta (Ram Chandra Series – Book 3).

I was also waiting for this book because after reading the first two books in the series, I was excited enough. Amish Tripathi has an elegant style of writing and he offers many things to his readers in the books he has published till now. Raavan is no exception! Amish has been splendid with his narrative and he has maintained the momentum that he generated with the first two books in the series.

Raavan: Enemy of Aryavarta brings solace to the readers when they get to know the son of a Rishi getting the befitting treatment by an author of the modern age. Amish does nowhere mean to whitewash the sins and evil of Raavan. He has simply put Raavan into perspectives. His childhood and his becoming a power that even the dwellers of heaven feared have been detailed in an astounding way that will fascinate the readers. It is more or less like what John Milton did with Satan in his Paradise Lost Book 1. Am I right in comparing Amish’s Raavan with Milton’s Satan? You can judge that!

On the seamy side of the book, as a critical reader one has to do that, I would point out the excessive loftiness or more than impressive dwelling in the fancy lands. Amish has done that on several occasions but he has already warned that his book is a book of fiction… clever!

This book is highly recommended to the readers of Amish Tripathi or who even needs to do that? However, I liked the book a lot and I am sure that many other readers will find this book amazing as I did. Moreover, I would also like to recommend this novel to the non-readers of Amish Tripathi as this book a lot to offer to Indian readers who like to know their history as it was – history. You can get a copy in offer from Amazon India and read the book.

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review by Ashish for Indian Book Critics

Raavan: Enemy of Aryavarta
  • Indian Book Critics' Rating


Entertainment: check
Excitement: check
Narrative: Amazing
Momentum: Continued…
Verdict: A Must-read!

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  • You do know this book is a work of fiction? It is NOT history as it happened, just an interpretation of it by the author – using his imagination and his creative license.

    • Indian Book Critics
      July 23, 2019 12:46 pm

      Yes, dear, I do know the same! And you must be happy to know that the article posted here is just my interpretation of ‘his’ interpretation!


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