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The Perfect Couple book review

One-line review by Indian Book Critics on The Perfect Couple by Sunain Banga:

“One cannot deny that Sunain, in a very tender age, has achieved the connect with the readers that comes only after too much of writing and pondering!”

Book: The Perfect Couple
Author: Sunain Banga
Publisher: Notion Press
Year: 2019
Pages: 250
IBC Rating: 4
Review by: Chandan

I have already read many books this year. This one came as a surprise from Indian Book Critics and I reluctantly agreed. The cover, the blurb and the overall impression of the book promised a simple romance – usual one and I thought likewise. However, very soon, the impression changed because the content offered by Sunain Banga in this book does not resemble anything usual or simply ‘just another romance’ kind of impression. Yes, it deals with a love story like many other books deal these days. However, let me make things clear – The Perfect Couple us more than just romance. It’s about love among the persons who are growing together, understanding each other, understanding each other’s needs and also supporting each-other constantly.

Raman and Ananya are the lovers portrayed in this novel. Very much a youth himself, just 21 now, Sunain Banga has connected his story to the young people’s ambitions. Raman wants to be a singer and a musician while Ananya just wants to be successful. Raman is an ambitious person and he needs to be contained. Ananya takes care of that and she is there when he needs her support and company. These guys are just school students when they fall in love and remain in love till the end of the novel – 2015 (when the novel ends).

The novel has a smooth narrative – it flows like a person narrating a story sitting next to you. Many readers might tend to believe that Raman is no other but the novelist Sunain himself. Even I felt so at times because so much conviction and so much individualistic narrative might lead anyone to believe that the author is telling his personal love story to the readers. Language is very simple and youth-friendly. It does not pose any difficulty in front of the readers. And that’s something I find very useful if an author is writing for the readers he knows.

Plot is straight – simple and easily invented. You will know about the lovers and their love. You will know about the days and nights they spend together. You will know about the night on the street wandering here and there for ice-cream. You will know about the time Raman holds the hand of Ananya even in her locality. You will know about the night they meet an almost fatal accident. So, it has a limited but sharply focused plot.

Critically, I would like to tell the readers of Indian Book Critics that The Perfect Couple is a simple, comfortable and relaxing weekend read that will be enjoyed by the lovers of Indian romantic fiction. I will rate it with a 3.7/5 star. I rate it high because the author delivers what he promises to deliver. He does not keep his readers in a fancy to write something intellectual and deliver something romantic. He promises to deliver a romantic read; he delivers a romantic fiction! Just read and enjoy and relax! You can get your copy from Amazon India:

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Review by Chandan for Indian Book Critics

The Perfect Couple
  • Indian Book Critics Verdict


A perfect weekend romance for teenagers and youths…

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  • Such a nice book by Sunain. Moreover, a nice book review by team IBC that explores other dimensions as well those were hidden to normal readers. I have read the ebook and found it pretty good for young readers.


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