Are Penguin Dictionaries useful? An analysis

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Penguin Dictionaries are useful

Don’t raise your voice, improve your arguments. These words may look simple but a deeper meaning attaches to them. In order to do so, you need to strengthen your fundamentals as well as core concepts of that particular subject in which you have to gain mastery. There are some books available out there that will help you to do so in a step by step way. Here is the list of some interesting books. Moreover, I will also tell you why to read this book and how. I am talking about the Penguin concept and word meaning dictionaries.

It is but obvious that one name that comes to my mind is the ‘penguin series of dictionary’. It is a kind of reference book to guide yourself very effectively. Most of us have a dictionary but that is a dictionary in general. They are not providing the exact and correct explanation of the subject term in a wider way. These dictionaries are written by the experts of their subjects. There is a simple and wise way of explaining the terms. It can be beneficial for the basic understanding as well as an expert understanding. For example, while I was searching for the very basic concepts of economics called ‘Demand’ in the Penguin dictionary, it surprised me. The basic dictionaries define the terms as simple English words. A few tats and bats of the particular subject can certainly find a grim reflection but not the entire concept of the term might reflect there. However, in the case of Penguin’s dictionary, it comes up with the details, analysis and the concept along with various theories associated with the term ‘Demand’. So, such is the case with all the subject-based dictionaries of Penguin. Whether it is psychology, philosophy, literature, geography, economics or any other subject, the explanation is perfect and full of knowledge.

Now, coming to the part of how to use these books. We need to understand the basic facts about this book these are reference books and so, one consults the reference books only when necessity is there. However, we can also use these books as our companions. The beginners can read a few definitions of the beginning – the standard terms so that they don’t have to be baffled when they begin reading the textbooks. So, you can use it before when you are going to read a textbook concept. This will let you understand the pretext of any theory, the exact explanation of theory and development after that theory.

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An Article by Amit for Indian Book Critics

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  • Thanks its really helpful analysis for the student i will buy this dictionary to make good of my economics

  • Very useful article! I am a proud owner of four penguin subject dictionaries and these reference books help me a lot with my exam preparations and for a better understanding of the subjects. I own Philosophy, literary terms, psychology and also sociology.

  • I was wondering whether I should be buying the literary theory and literary terms dictionary or not. I wanted to know an overview of the Penguin dictionaries and I found this article on Google! Thanks, Amit for your time and efforts. I will be buying the dictionary right now.

  • This is an awesome analysis. Though I have only two of them, I will certainly go for other ones from the humanities section. These dictionaries are very helpful for the students as well as experts.


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