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Let me begin by saying that I wasn’t a big fan of audiobooks. However, I had to change my opinion. I listened to a few audiobooks after subscribing to Amazon Audible’s free trial for 30 days. Well, in those 30 days, I evaluated the program on many fronts. I found out that audiobooks can help many people who are interested in books but don’t have time to read those – professionals and office-goers, busy people who are creative or vice-versa, students, and elder citizens. In this article, I have focused on the advantages of audiobooks for young professionals who have to go to the office and spend their days confined within the walls where work is everything. How can audiobooks help them relax, learn and entertain themselves? Read the article to know further. Also, if you want to try the free 30-day subscription by Amazon Audible, here is the link to the trial page:

Amazon Audible free trial


Let’s begin by mentioning the plight of us, the professionals who just don’t have time! Time eludes us like a fleeting mirage and finding a moment of respite to indulge in the written word can be an arduous task. Though I did not subscribe to audiobooks at first and always preferred the smell of a physical book, I changed my opinion after listening to books that I loved reading. It is amazing to experience! It is time-saving and also, at times, the lullaby to lull us to sleep! And now I believe that for the office-going professional, with schedules tightly knit and minutes preciously counted, the prospect of devouring physical books may seem like an unattainable luxury (which it truly is, a luxury). Yet, fear not, for in the realm of literature, a gateway beckons that bridges the chasm between limited time and a thirst for knowledge—audiobooks. Woohoo!

Immersing oneself in the enchanting realm of audiobooks bestows the modern professional a number of advantages. And the first that I can think about is the time! This ephemeral commodity, time, can be maximized to its fullest potential with the help of audiobooks. Well, it does require significantly more than average IQ so that you can pay attention to the book and also to another task at hand. Let’s take an example – listening to a motivational book or a spiritual book while working on a complicated Excel sheet. Can you handle that? With a little practice, yes you can. However, can you read a physical book while working on any of the MS Office apps? NO! And I can say with confidence that the act of listening to an audiobook allows one to synchronise literary pursuits with the demands of a dynamic lifestyle. To further add to the list of utilising time to the maximum may be those hours spent commuting or embarking upon the monotonous exercise of chores metamorphosing into a literary feast, enabling one to savour the magic of storytelling while simultaneously tending to the necessities of life’s grand choreography. Yes, in short, you can multitask while you listen to your favourite book! Isn’t that amazing?

Everything else in this article might be an extension, in this or that way, of the things, said above. However, if you want to read something before you make your decision of switching to the full audio mode, please read this article to the end. 🙂 For the youthful aspirant, and the budding professional navigating the labyrinthine alleys of their chosen field, audiobooks emerge as steadfast companions on the journey towards personal and intellectual growth. These digital treasures embody convenience, an attribute revered by the young professional whose quest for knowledge and self-improvement often unfolds amidst the constraints of time and circumstance. With audiobooks, the boundaries of physical space are dismantled, enabling the young mind to venture into a boundless realm of literature, unhindered by the constraints of location. To cut short, translate, and simplify the artist in me – you can save space, along with time, when you start listening to audiobooks! You don’t have to store books on your bed, study table or even in your office bag. Find it useful? You should!

Well, about this section, there may be many long debates. Some people prefer the magic of writing on the pages, while others like to listen to the words being spoken. You can choose your side and try to pin the other side down. With audiobooks, in addition to temporal liberation from problems of space and constraints of time, comes the magic of gifted narrators that breathes life into the written page, imbuing it with a richness and vibrancy that transcend the mere act of reading. And it is a proven fact that we can easily remember what we listen to compared to what we merely read ourselves. I have experienced it many times in life. What’s your experience? In scientific jargon, the auditory experience amplifies the emotional resonance of the text, fostering a deeper connection with the narrative and its characters. In terms of literary beauty, the intangible beauty of literature finds a new vessel of expression, transforming the act of consuming books into a multisensory voyage that intertwines the ear and the imagination.

Moreover, for the sake of mentioning the beautiful gift that it brings, the accessibility of audiobooks ushers in a realm of inclusivity, accommodating individuals who may face challenges in engaging with traditional print media. Those with visual impairments or learning disabilities can revel in the pleasure of storytelling, their minds emancipated through the spoken word. While I don’t agree with this argument, many believe that audiobooks act as a beacon of literary revival, enticing those who have strayed from the written path back into the fold, reigniting the dormant love for literature that may have waned with the ceaseless march of time. Thinking again, it might sound true. Nevertheless, my love, for true leisure, will always be books. However, my choice, for jam-packed metro rides or those tight hours of nights and gym, will always be audiobooks!

Now, with all these arguments in favour and against, you can make your decision about audiobooks and their worth in your life. I find it useful thinking as a working professional and therefore, I wrote this article at the request of Indian Book Critics. I am enjoying the Amazon Audible subscription which gives me the liberty to listen to any book that I like. It often comes up with recommendations based on my past choices and preferences. I find this feature useful. I would suggest trying it first, before you subscribe and spend 199 rs a month, which is too little to spend on books that may change your life, entertain you and help you navigate those difficult hours with fun!


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By Amit for Indian Book Critics


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