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Hobbies are hobbies and for hobbies only. Once you transcend and your hobbies become your passion, you are on the go. You will do something, and surely you will, for your passion and that might reflect on your actions. We are the same guys! We are here to replicate our passion in our actions and we will be telling the world what do we read in our libraries. Most importantly, we will not keep away from praising the good reads and bashing the ugly ones. Without prejudice, we read any author with patience to understand the writing. Most of us, who are in the business involved, come from a literary background and have read extensively – the boring stuff as well the exciting ones. Therefore, you can make a better sense of our reviews as we tear into a book!

What do we want?
We want the readers to read our reviews before they plan to go through a book. However, we don’t intend to influence their opinion or to motivate them or demotivate them towards a particular author. Nevertheless, we are blunt and we will put our voice in the public domain bluntly. So authors, make sure you write some good stuff and do a good job with the writing. Once they fail to do so, we will surely bring their mistakes and tricks to the readers. We want a good writing sense to prevail across the writers’ fraternity.

How often we review the books?
We review books quite often. We are always ready to read anything which comes our way. It may come from an author, a publisher, any agency, our own choices… from anywhere. Because we love reading books, we also love collecting those pieces in our library. So, you can be sure to see book reviews on this website, Indian Book Critics, very often and frequently. If you are an author and want some honest critical views on your writing, do share your work with us and we will do the job. DO remember that we will be HONEST!

Will our opinion matter?
Every good and unbiased opinion counts; it might take time but we are sure to make the impression upon reading and writing fraternity in the country. Indian Book Critics is a platform for ideas and opinions on authors and books. We are very hopeful for the rise of this platform as a pedestal which readers might rely on for their reading choices. With our hard work, we will make sure this happens too early. 🙂

Readers, we need your help!
Dear readers, if you like what we will be doing here, make sure you share our writings and spread the good words. That will help us getting to more people and voicing our opinions even strongly. We will be thankful to each and every reader who helps us spread. Also, we will offer our reader good rewards in the terms of free copies of the book time to time. We will be offering giveaways. 🙂

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