Paal Le Ik Rog Naadan by Gautam Rajrishi – Review

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Paal Le Ik Rog Naadan Gautam book review

Gautam Rajrishi is not new to contemporary Hindi literature in India. Even at the time when his first collection of poems came out, Paal Le Ik Rog Naadan, many of his ghazals and poetry have already published in many different Hindi magazines and newspapers. However, when we look at his debut work in a retrospect, there are many things that emerge, look fresh and even delight the readers because of the newness and freshness intact, even now… In Hindi literature, Urdu included, tradition is something that is always valued. With Gautam, however, the only tradition that a writer should follow is pleasing the audience, striking the conscious and emotions of the readers and delight them. And the same can be seen in Paal Le Ik Rog Naadan.

The collection has a vivid tone, multi-faceted themes and it doesn’t become monotonous, ever. In the same poem, readers can easily find a manifold of emotions, glimpses of love, waiting for someone, hoping for a better tomorrow and the reality of the day… and this is, without a doubt, a combination of talent and imagination that Gautam Rajrishi can exhibit in his words.

समाचार में सनसनी होती है
ख़बर हाशिये पर खड़ी होती है

In the same poem, towards the end, the poet successfully changes the theme, shifts the tide of emotions and brings up an entirely new thing – the idea that has already been enjoying many mutations culminates into something that a reader can cherish and remember, hum or just quote.

वो छज्जे से छुप के तेरा देखना
जो सोचूँ, तो इक गुदगुदी होती है

उबलते ख़यालों में तप कर ज़रा
जुनूँ जब उठे, शायरी होती है

As a poet, Gautam’s talent has fully come out with the publication of Neela Neela, in the year 2020. However, his debut collection, Paal Le Ik Rog Naadan, is not something to play out very easily. Even in his maiden publication, the poet enjoyed many a moment of glory. He can give the call to rise to himself and others in a few words. He can remember a forgotten beloved and recapitulate the lonely nights staring on the enemy camps on the border in the same line… He can present the brutal realities of the day and envision a better tomorrow on the same page.

Though the traditionalists may see many things in all these experiments or liberal use of thoughts and ideas that Gautam Rajrishi has done in his poetry collection, there is nothing that may stop the readers from enjoying this one. Gautam’s poetry is largely people’s poetry than what it is poetry in general. He does flaunt the rules of unity but the outcome is almost extraordinary compared to the sacrifices that the poet makes to achieve that.

उठ, ऐ क़लम ! संवाद कर
शब्दों को जिंदाबाद कर

Gautam has a powerful verse. He uses it but not very often as he relies (in his debut collection) more often on his imagination. However, his imagination accompanies his ideas very well and the romantic amalgam that comes up as the outcome is not only beautiful but also the poetry of a very high scale. However, we have to remember that Gautam’s poetry might not satisfy the readers or the critics who love to read the traditional verse, that is, with almost archaic or strict use of language… and this, unfortunately, may alienate the largest segment of readers of Hindi literature today…

किसकी यादों की बारिश में धुल-धुल कर
भीगी-भीगी अब के है तन्हाई, लिख

To end this review, let me confess that Paal Le Ik Rog Naadan may be an older collection by Gautam but is equally enjoyable as his latest one, Neela Neela, is… readers will find the poetry in the collection that echoes their thoughts and anticipations. Youthful, animated and a little hurried to reach the shores… Gautam Rajrishi’s poetry will never let the readers stop and say it’s done until they turn the last page!

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Review by Samridhi for Indian Book Critics

Paal Le Ik Rog Naadan by Gautam Rajrishi – Review
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A perfect blend of art of poetry writing, imagination, thoughts and style… Paal Le Ik Rog Naadan will be a collection of poems worth-remembering for the readers of contemporary Hindi Literature in India!

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