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Ponder Awhile by Mohit Misra Book Review Indian Book Critics

Every poet has something to contribute to the literary fraternity. Some poets contribute with their lyrical abilities and rhythmic melody. And some poets offer the richness of their thoughts and enlighten the readers with words one cannot easily ignore. I respect and admire both kinds of poets. I have read many poets from both these categories, and I can say that you will get satisfaction in reading poems irrespective of their qualities – lyrical or thoughtful. Lyrical poems soothe your heart, and thoughtful poems soothe your mind. Ponder Awhile by Mohit Misra is a collection of poems that offer a mixed bag. You can read poems that exhibit ideas and also rhythm. Ideas are mostly inspired by realisations of the poet, classical Indian philosophy, spiritual awakening and Dharma – do your duties and keep moving. 

In simple words, short sentences and delightful, jolly verses, Mohit Misra has said many important things to his readers. You read his lines and contemplate, at the same time. You might be the one travelling with the poet to the shores of realisation and then putting yourself in the shoes of the poet – pondering a while. 

Nothing really belongs to me,

At the same time, all is mine as far as I can see. 

Different situations I have gone through 

with time, Deep down all is fine.

Here, the poet talks about the might of time. Time does it right. However, we might take some time to realise that time was, is and will be right. In these sentences of the poem The Human, the poet poses as someone who knows the eternal Indian way by heart, we can work and let the almighty decide what the result might be. In Gita, Sri Krishna says the same, though in a grand way. The poet has simplified the same message and it’d help many people get it right without being perplexed. 

Likewise, the poet tries to tell the readers in one of his poems from the collection Ponder Awhile that humanity is but one giant society… it should not have the barriers of race or religion, region or states, countries or continents. And, at the same time, those who have might should protect the poor and use their strength for just causes. 

How do I make people understand?

We are all part of the same band. 

Fight you can when you are right,

But never unnecessarily abuse your might.

In the poems that we have in this collection by Mohit Misra, one can easily navigate through various phases of life – a childhood where the poet loved Geometry, adulthood when we understand our friends and develop emotions of love, and the period when we realise responsibilities and finally the phase we begin thinking about death (and that, in fact, looms through the life). The poet has described our eternal fear, death, in a wonderful way in his poem of the same title. 

How do I overcome my fear of death?

By leading a good life and having no regret. 

The moment I die I must do my best,

To become one with the light, eternal rest. 

The soul must merge with the super-soul,

Forever to become part of the whole.

In short, to end this review and state my final opinion on the book, the poetry collection, Ponder Awhile, I would write a few more sentences. The poetry collection does offer a variety of colours of life to the readers. The poet’s posture is that of a person who observes life from various perspectives, ponders, contemplates, philosophises and then writes. Mohit must have read many books of wisdom and that’s why he has been able to aptly summarise some of the things we keep thinking, constantly. However, at times, a reader might find that some thoughts are over-simplified… and that might be perceived as an interesting stance by the poet. To reach more readers and to express his concerns freely, without any decoration or perplexing imagery. In the end, I will say that these poems, around 50, are amusing, interesting, enlightening and very interesting. One might conjecture about the poetic truth and poetic beauty, one might not remain unimpressed… do read it! 

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Review for Indian Book Critics by Madhukar 

Ponder Awhile by Mohit Misra – Review
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Ponder Awhile by Mohit Misra is an interesting poetry collection of direct, interesting and spiritually charged poems that express the journey of a poet in an abstract form.

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