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Into the writing of Gaurav Upadhyay Most wanted zindagi Hindi author

Hindi is the language of a massive reader base in the world. Though it had a few issues for a brief period of time, Hindi literature has come out in the open, once again, with a renewed appeal and energy. Authors, not only from India but around the world, are offering their views to the readers in Hindi and they are getting a good response as well. Gaurav Upadhyay is an author, a poet and a visionary speaker, coach, motivational guide as well as a social media personality who has been actively promoting Hindi literature. Written three books already, the author has come up with his latest publication entitled Most Wanted Zindagi, the book in Hindi that offers Gaurav’s opinions, ideas and inputs on various subjects related to our lives.

The author, Gaurav Upadhyay, has written a poetry collection in the past, collaborated with other poets in a poetry collection and has offered an entirely new style of writing in his latest book Most Wanted Zindagi. The latest book offers prose, poetry, a short piece in the form of letters, hand-written ones, and all these form the wonderful amalgamation that will surely attract young readers, busy readers and curious readers who constantly look for something meaningful, serious and also entertaining. Gaurav has offered the difference in this book… taking a different route.

With simple language, expressive style, communicating lines, the author tries to convey his thoughts to the readers in a way that anyone can understand the same without having to exert one’s mind too much. Conveying ideas such as moving on and why it’s essential, how to cope with the past, how to live in the present, how to prepare for the uncertain future… everything becomes entertaining and enlightening with Gaurav because he does not try to muddle things with intellectual discourse or something that young readers might ditch too soon. He rather communicates and tries to take his readers on a comforting journey of thoughts.

In one of his hand-written letters or Instagram posts rather, the author writes very simple but powerful words:

“और perfect होने से ज्यादा जरुरी है 
imperfection के साथ जीना सीखना”

And these two lines in plain Hindi are far more expressive, encouraging and enlightening than a whole chapter in English merely flexing neural muscles (pardon my biology) and annoying you with philosophies and psychological jargon. Isn’t it true, guys?

The verse and prose, the style, the substance and the themes that Gaurav writes about… everything seems promising, fresh and enticing. The interest level of readers is always up, the text keeps throwing something on a frequent interval, the author’s dynamic transition from this to that idea, suggestions and experiences… everything about the writing of Gaurav is new until you finish the book. You can also read his previous titles and find the conclusion for yourself!


Written by Samridhi for Indian Book Critics

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