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Bihar has been a place of scholars and the world knows very well about the likes of Aryabhata and Vidyapati. Literary endeavour has always been one of the greatest achievements of Bihar, as a state. Especially in Hindi literature, the land of Bihar has always been on the high compared to other places. Today, I am going to write about another such author from Bihar who has presented the talent in his very debut book due to be released very soon in the next month. The novelist who writes in Hindi, Prabhat Ranjan, is a writer who cares to write with maturity and seriousness. His debut work, a novel exploring the themes of love, friendship and life, With You; Without You, is a novel which has so much in the store to offer to the readers.

An ardent believer in the school of no nonsense literature, writer Prabhat Ranjan belongs to a respected family with a political background. Prabhat’s father is a respected MLA from Vaishali, Bihar. Academically a bright student, Prabhat completed technical education and became an engineer. He works with Indian Government. Nevertheless, the interest in literature did never let him stay away from a pen and the paper. He always keeps writing about the issues which interest him and as a result of those papers coloured with the themes of various kinds, Prabhat decided to write his first novel which eventually is going to appear in form of With You; Without You to the readers next month.

Talking about the purpose of literature, Prabhat believes that literature must be aimed at not only entertainment of people but also intellectual service to them. He always wishes that his writings don’t merely offer the readers some moments of leisure but also the moments of questioning and answering from within. He wants to involve the readers in a serious dialogue with their inner beings and he wants that the medium would be served by his works.

Very much enthusiastic about his debut book, Prabhat has already started working on two more of his books which he thinks are complex in nature and those will surely give the readers what they have been missing these days in the terms of novels. About the language choice for his books, Prabhat thinks that Hindi comes to him naturally and he cannot go artificial by rendering his thoughts into some different language!

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