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Indian English Literature has seen several authors, recently, who believe in shooting off their careers in the field of creative writing with romantic stories, passionate plots and thrilling episodes. They are, within their rights, very much responsible while doing so; and why not when many authors have shot to fame with stories of their love, their sexual encounters and their affairs (fictional or otherwise)? However, there are still the authors who rather look towards serious fiction and deep stories to build the foundations of their writing career. A few succeed and a few just fade in the notorious brightness coming from the rush of authors. Today, I will discuss the writing of Ravi Dabral, an author who has claimed a space for himself on the basis of his debut fiction – Greed Lust Addiction.

Ravi Dabral’s writing isn’t very different from the writers two-three decades ago. He does not stress upon the contemporary more than what is required to keep his fiction within the reach of young readers. For some reasons, his focus is towards the oblivion which is left out – spirituality and those who practise it. Moreover, his protagonist is also a very classy person not believing in the philosophy of eating, drinking and making merry. However, at times, noted book critics and some book review websites in India (of course their bloggers) have also pointed out that grand themes of Ravi do not meet the narrative in equal measure. Somehow, he just lets it slip – a subject that is vital is treated in oversimplified language.

In his debut novel, Greed Lust Addiction which is also in Hindi as Lalach Vasna Lat, the author has tried to create an atmosphere of contrast where he pits two ways to life against one another – materialism vs spiritualism. There are also episodes like ‘testing someone for lust’ and ‘teaching the lover a lesson on physical and otherwise love’. So, it can, at times, take the shape of a non-fictional work where the author is rather preaching or teaching instead of telling his tale.

Nevertheless, with limitations and some points noted by the critics, Ravi Dabral has ensured that his work gets noticed and discussed. It has been, so far, the same as he might have wanted. Readers are talking about his book and the style of his writing. With a plot with depth and thriller encircling it, he managed to keep his readers interested, excited and conveyed with his vision – what we already have ignored – our deep heritage in spirituality.

Personal Life and Achievements:

Ravi was born and raised in Uttarakhand and that’s why his inclination towards characters like Guruji and his interest in spiritualism can be understood. He is a commodity trader and lives in Singapore. For his extraordinary work in the field of education, corporate and social services, he has been awarded International Man of Excellence Award recently. Also, with degrees and qualifications in various fields, he is well-equipped to write a deep and serious fiction like the present one!

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Article by Swati for Indian Book Critics

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  • Ravi is a different kind of author that will be made his mark in the near future. His style of writing is really different than contemporary authors. I have read his debut book Greed Lust Addiction that was really fantastic. Nice article shared by you.


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