Forever and a Little More

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Forever and a Little More

Forever and a Little More by Praneet Dabral is a retrospective romance with a touch of purity and, if I may say, the classic case of Chris de Burgh’s ‘Fatal Hesitation’… the story is plain and simple and cute and sweet… there are no villains… there is no nudity… there are not any instances of semi-pornographic writing! The novel is a romance which rarely happens in fiction these days. Praneet’s work is a class apart and a fiction which can be seen (not at all exaggerating) somewhere near the early 20s novels. And one more important thing about the novel is that it does not let the readers disappoint! Readers get what they want in the terms of poetic justice.

Tanish and Jessica are the male and female protagonists and there are a few more characters who feature in the novel. Like the population of Snowdon, the characters in the novel are also lesser than you expect in fiction. Nevertheless, fewer the characters easier the read! Tanish visits his hometown (rather a village full of natural landscape and memories of the past) after 34 years. A guy who has been working in Mumbai in an advertising firm and has settled with the noisy city finds nothing of interest in his hometown. Tanish is dying to get out of the place as soon as possible but he is bound to stay, somehow. He is here with his wife Neelakshi and his friend, Hrehaan and his wife Simran.

Sitting in the lap of nature, talking to his childhood friend and taking a dive into the lake of old memories… something happens and Tanish is reminded of older things and goes down to the ‘basement’ to find a box with a diary and an audio cassette… and there we are! The novel goes back to the year 1977 and we find a beautiful girl Jessica and the rainy evening which makes Tanish and Jessica cross each other’s fortunes…

This is a love story which has nothing to offer to the readers who look for sensual love and provocative dialogues. Forever and a Little More has everything which we call true love and the play for fate. Tanish is a typical lover of the ‘soft rock’ days who cannot say his feelings to Jessica and Jessica, even after knowing the things clearly, cannot cross the ‘line’ and something happens which changes the fate of the two forever! What is that? What makes the things so different that Tanish and Jessica are parted to two different worlds? What is there in the diary of Tanish? Well, I will not spoil the reading pleasure which you can get by reading the novel Forever and a Little More by Praneet Dabral… go ahead and have a read! You can get a copy of the book or download the ebook from Amazon.

Novels like this happen rarely and I am sure you will enjoy reading this sentimental love story which will get the emotions reflected in you. Happy Reading, folks!


Review by Ravi

Forever and a Little More by Praneet Dabral
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A MUST READ love story!

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