MAYA, the Blindfolded: Her mistake?…She trusted him – Book Review

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Maya, the blindfolded: Her Mistake… She trusted him – as a title, it reveals too much. However, it also creates the necessary atmosphere of tension and suspense that an author of contemporary thriller fiction would love to find in a novel he or she reads. Prasad Bag, the novelist, has weaved the entire story around a woman named Maya. She works in a software company that provides encryption services to other companies to safeguard their sensitive data. Maya, as a character, is ideal to serve the protagonist’s role in a crime, thriller and even ghostly fiction (horror fiction might not be the right choice here, you will realise when you read the novel). A few more characters are there. Mrs Pinto, who is murdered in the office where Maya works, Maya’s boyfriend Michael, Maya’s friend Rita, her colleague Sarah and a dubious personality Roy. Police inspectors, advocates and judges are there too. Bhagat’s ghost, Maya’s neighbour aunty, her mother and a few more minor characters play their roles accordingly in getting the story forward. 

Well, the story revolves around Maya only. She is at the centre of everything that takes place. In her office, in her neighbourhood, after the murder, after losing her memory, in chasing the ghosts, in solving the murder mystery. She is aided by various characters from time to time until she reaches the conclusion of the whole murder saga. The story is thrilling, albeit a little slow at times, and it entertains the readers. Maya’s encounters with the ghosts of Bhagat, Mrs Pinto, and one more character make the novel very intense, interesting and engaging. 

Technically, the novel offers a multi-layered plot. However, the inclusion of only a few characters might limit the whole experience of thrill and excitement. Well, having only a few characters also helps the case of the murder mystery and a reader might feel like a detective solving the same. Who might be the killer? What are ghosts doing? What is the importance of Ghost episodes? Why does Mrs Pinto appear as a ghost to hint Maya in the direction of mystery? What does Bhagat’s ghost want? And then, what does the ultimate episode of Maya’s introduction to the revelation mean? There are many questions and I am sure readers will love them! 

You can get a copy of this book from Amazon India and give yourself a chance to enjoy the thrilling excitement that the author has included in his debut novel. You will enjoy the book for sure – it’s written in simple language, has an interesting plot, and offers many twists that readers will cherish for a long time… Prasad Bag’s debut is impressive and I hope coming books will have more intensity… get a copy from the link below: 

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Review by Alka for Indian Book Critics 


MAYA, the Blindfolded: Her mistake?...She trusted him – Book Review
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MAYA, the Blindfolded: Her mistake… She trusted him – Book Review. Written by Prasad Bag, the novel offers intensity, excitement, thriller and sure entertainment. Do have a read ASAP.

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