Sight of Vision by Ramu Upadhaya – Book Review

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Sight of Vision Ramu Upadhaya Book Review

I have already read a few novels by Ramu Upadhaya. The author is more than simply being philosophical, cryptic, and visionary. The very title of this novel explains many things. Sight of vision – It tells many things. Though the words are related to each other, the meanings change here. Once you read the novel, you will realise the author has selected this title only after thorough consideration. Vision stands here for maturity, clarity of thoughts and experience of life. Ronal may be the protagonist here but the novel speaks for many Ronals and Many Mileys.

Ramu Upadhaya is known for writing fiction that extrapolates the status quo of contemporary fiction writing practices and goes beyond the stretch of contemporary novelists’ imaginations. Sight of Vision is no exception. Philosophical churning of presently valid issues and looking for resolutions that might extend geographical and cultural lines are the major concerns of the novelists.

Out of all the issues, looking for a suitable life partner is the most discussed subject in India, at the least. Jane Austen’s ironic statement about a man with fortune looking for a suitable bride might have turned old and rendered itself into obsolete oblivion. Ramu Upadhaya’s depiction of a bride look-up will entertain and implicitly tell many things about the Indian society to many readers who know the art of reading and appreciating fiction with substance.

Ramu Upadhaya raises many concerning issues that we face in contemporary society. Yes, as the author himself suggests in the introduction to the novel, the set-up of this fiction might seem old. However, the issues the novelist deals with are very much prevalent in the present-day society in our country. The author has sketched a protagonist who does not cow down to the situations that arise. He rather stands up and dares to face the same. The conviction of the protagonist does not come randomly. It is the vision that the author tries to present to the readers.

Written in rich language and loaded with compelling metaphors and allusions, the novel will appeal to the different sections of readers across many age groups and interest areas. The novelist has tried his best to keep his work open to the interpretations of the audience, irrespective of their biases. You can read the novel from your perspective and find your own conclusions. The novel does not force a vision or an opinion. It merely suggests.

To conclude the review, let me point out that the work by Ramu Upadhaya might appear pedantic at times. However, it has nothing to do with the literal meaning of the term. The style of the author is like this. The novelist enjoys writing fiction in a traditional style, and his approach to the issues is conventional, purposeful and extends beyond entertaining the readers. You will find the same in this work.

So, if you are looking to read a serious novel that can keep you engaged for a long time, it is a good time to pick up a copy of Sight of Vision. Click the link below and get a copy from Amazon India:

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Review by Sarthak for Indian Book Critics

Sight of Vision by Ramu Upadhaya – Book Review
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Sight of Vision by Ramu Upadhaya is a traditional novel that revolves around issues that we face as a society today and have been doing the same tomorrow.

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