The Big Switch: It’s never too late by John Thomas

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The Big Switch John Thomas

John Thomas is an IT sector employee and he is into software and stuff. He had nothing to do with writing and he entered into it just 3 years back and came up with a book almost 7 months back – The Big Switch – it’s never too late. Well, most of the readers might associate this switch with the author himself and they will be justified even if they do this. This is a tale of Keith, the person who is sandwiched between his economic needs and his inner ambitions. He is in a mess working for an IT sector big brand and still, he does his best – making his clients and his managers happy and getting the usual hikes in his payments – but somewhere, he is just over-rubbed and he thinks that he is not doing justice with himself.

The Big Switch John Thomas

Starting right from an interview, the novel ends with an interview as well. However, the latter one is happily disavowed by the protagonist and the happiness is far greater than the happiness Keith had when he was selected by H&G India at the beginning, January 2009! Between the interviews, at the beginning and at the end, the story of the book The Big Switch has many things to offer to the readers and some of them that I have found myself are corporate competitiveness, self-confidence, doubting oneself, life-ambitions, need for choosing a right partner, mistakes in identifying the true potential one has, the necessity to work in the field you like and many other important things which will interest and enlighten the youths of the day.

The novel, rather a pleasing and pushing tale, revolves around the central protagonist Keith and his hustle-bustle in personal life and career. His relationship with Maya ends on a sad note just because the work-life balance he fails to keep. Frustrated in personal life and motivated by whim, somehow, Keith manages to cope with the situations. Mathur is a typical corporate manager handling a team of passionate workers. He cares about his clients and cares the least for his team. About this, Keith is rather furious but the corporate tactics do not allow him to burst on his manager (that he does sometimes). There are also people like Ramesh and Brijesh we get in the rooms made with glasses and they become important persons in our lives!

Keith, after being introduced to Ramesh, begins to question himself whether he is doing the right thing or he needs that big switch and he plays it safe at the beginning and decides to start playing football part-time – a career secured with a decent salary and a beginning into a football career won’t necessarily be a good idea – but, Keith does it! He gets into the club and an unfortunate incident makes him almost lose his career. However, he meets Kyra – a girl who helps him realising his potential in writing and he succeeds in writing a story – The Accountant! Keith a gentleman and a passionate person and Kyra finds her true love in him and so does Keith and they are united.

And now, the success story of Keith the compelled creative person to Keith the bestselling author is something which you will find for yourself in the novel The Big Switch – it’s never too late! The book is very well crafted with a twist in the plot everytime we think it will run the usual. The language used is simple and very much aligned for the modern readers. Transitions from Maya to Kyra and Mathur to Ramesh and finally Keith to a true Keith are simply amazing and pleasant to read. Truly – it’s never too late finding the right thing to do! Grab your copies from the Kindle Store now and it’s just that cheaper! Get it from the link below:

John Thomas: The Big Switch on Amazon Ebook Store

review by Amit for IBC

The Big Switch: It's never too late by John Thomas
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The Big Switch: It’s never too late by John Thomas is a book for sure reading, especially by the youths of the day. The author tries to solve the much-needed queries which the persons starting their careers must pay attention to.

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  • Inspired by your review and read this book. Such an excellent one for youth. I am lucky that I found your review.


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