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11 books non-fiction indian authors read 2021

2020 was a disaster of a monstrous level for many and many didn’t know that 2021 was waiting with daggers up and locked for severe attacks on humanity across the world… mostly in India though. We are once again getting our pace back and it’d take about a month or two more until we try to take longer strides and work upon bringing normalcy back to the country. In the meantime, if you are not one of them who can savour on fast food and Netflix to kill the infection of leisure, we have something exciting for you – a list of 11 non-fiction books by Indian authors you would love to read! Yes, for readers of the serious stage, books work like Ayurvedic healing – striking the roots of diseases like boredom and pride to completely shun the chances of the rebirth of these atrocious mental corruptions (unlike modern medicine which works only to make you feel you are being treated and you may have to revisit, visit again and yet again… perhaps be on medication for a lifelong – Netflix or Amazon Prime addiction…). So, without wasting much time in the settled but prejudiced debate, let’s get back to the list of best non-fiction books by Indian authors you should read in the remaining 2021!

  1. Advice and Dissent by Y V Reddy: How many of you are interested in the finance and the economy of the nation? Well, not many of us are that ‘economical’ to have such an ‘elite’ interest in a nation’s affair. Well, when it comes to our own nation, India, many of us are born debaters, political experts (call them analysts), and saviours of an argument… who isn’t? So, for all our wonderful readers, a book by Y V Reddy, former governor of India, Advice and Dissent will be a wonderful read. Read about his life, more about his life in the Indian system and a bird’s eye view of the economic growth and disaster in the hands of various political regimes. You will love the shockers as well. Buy the book from the given link to Amazon – buy the book here (Amazon India)
  2. India’s Biggest Cover-up by Anuj Dhar: Who doesn’t want to know more about our beloved Neta Ji, Subhash Chandra Bose? Anuj Dhar’s landmark publication has led to many speculations, notions and murmurs that readers have indulged in. Neta Ji’s life and death, mainly death, has always been a case of confusion for most Indians. There is too little concrete information that’s in the public domain and governments until Narendra Modi Government have thought a little about it. Modi made many classified files about Neta Ji public and still, it could not be satisfactory for the people who were interested in knowing more. For all such craving readers, this book, India’s Biggest Cover-up by Anuj Dhar, will be a very helpful and exciting read. Do get a copy and unfold the rolls of mystery – click here to buy from Amazon India
  3. Inner Engineering by Sadhguru: This is, without a doubt, a very unique Yogi’s guide to joy and you will experience it once you begin reading the book. Sadhguru, perhaps, is the only Indian mystic who can guide not only Indians with dexterity in any particular language or dialect but his pupils and disciples around the world because he has a great command over linguistic skills. Experience the same in his writing and enjoy what Sadhguru has to share about your body, your soul’s home and how you can get the most out of it. You can get a copy of this book from Amazon India by clicking the link: Buy Sahdguru’s bestselling book – click here
  4. The Upnishads by Sri Aurobindo: A sage, a poet and a scholar of Vedantic and ancient Hindu texts, Sri Aurobindo’s translation of The Upnishads will be very helpful for anyone who would like to have his or her share of the great Indian intellectual treasure – Upnishads. Aurobindo’s mastery over language will not let you deflect from the originality of ancient Sanskritised beauty and simplicity that the Upnishads bring. So, if you are ever wondering what Upnishads harbour inside their wombs, this will be the book you will cherish! Get a copy of this wonderful book by Sri Aurobindo Ghosh and begin reading right away or put it for the rainy days ahead! Buy the book – click here to buy now
  5. The Complete Book of Yoga by Swami Vivekananda: Yes! This is for anyone who wants to understand the depths of Yoga – all four of this. Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raja Yoga and Jnana Yoga. Who can be a better guide than Sri Swami Vivekananda himself? Learn the secrets of Yoga from him by reading this wonderful edition that combines all the secrets together. You can get a copy of this book from Amazon India by clicking the link – Buy the book by Swami Ji – click here
  6. Hindi Sahitya ka Itihas by Acharya Ramchandra Shukla: Well, you might ask why this Hindi book has found a place on this list? It is here on the list because, if you can read Hindi, you must know how this language inspired many writers over the centuries and how a volume could be built… Bhakti Movement to Chhayavadi Andolan… Proyagwadi to Yatharthawadi… Acharya Ramchandra Shukla’s famous book on the history of Hindi literature is the one you need to consult if you want to know about the development of Hindi literature over the years. Get a copy today – Buy this book here: click to buy from Amazon India
  7. Dharma: Decoding the Epics for a Meaningful Life by Amish Tripathi (and Bhavana Roy): You must have heard about Amish Tripathi – the banker who turned his fate with mythological, religious and epic fiction books. However, in this book, Amish Tripathi has tried something entirely new. You can read him decoding our Hindu (or better known as Sanatan civilisation) and bringing the best out for those who don’t have an adequate understanding of the depths of our Dharma. This book is a bestseller and there’s no reason you should not read it… you can get a copy right now from Amazon India – Click here to buy this book
  8. Sahara : The Untold Story by Tamal Bandyopadhyay: Sahara Pariwar? Sahara India? Policies? Sahara Pune Warriors? Sahara F1 team? Rings a bell? Well, like yourself and many others, there are people who may have a number of questions about Sahara’s owner, Subrat Roy’s rise to fame and money as well as about his downing from the top to somewhere in the obscure… I cannot promise that this book will answer all your questions about Subrata Roy and Sahara Pariwar but I am sure that you will have enough to be well informed and aware… what might have transpired on the screen and behind the screen. Are you ready? Read the book and know the story of one of the biggest companies in India (once a while). Get a copy today from the Amazon India link: Buy the book now – click here
  9. Artificial Intelligence and The Future of Power by Rajiv Malhotra: Rajiv Malhotra is one of the very few authorities when it comes to Hinduism in a scholarly context. However, in this book, he has tried to warn about the upcoming challenges that human civilisation, especially in India, may face in the coming 2-3 decades. How and why artificial intelligence is gripping our conscious and what might be the immediate and long-term consequences? There are many questions that have been raised and adequately answered by the wonderful author. You MUST read this book if you want to know more about your life and beyond. Get a copy from Amazon India right now: click here to buy the book from Amazon
  10. Everything About Leadership by Vivek Bindra: Who doesn’t know Vivek Bindra today? His passionate videos on leadership, time management, motivation and leadership have made him famous, very famous I should say. So, if you are not a video guy and would rather like to read what Vivek has to offer to future leaders, you can get a copy of his bestselling book Everything About Leadership and enjoy your time learning something meaningful. Get a copy – click to buy from Amazon
  11. The Book of Secrets: 112 mediations to discover the mystery within by Osho: Osho – the name tells many tales… Osho’s mystic writings are still a topic for debate but nobody comes close except for exceptions when it comes to following and respect that Osho garners for himself (even after his demise). The Book of Secrets by Osho is one of his many bestselling titles and it will certainly compel the reader in you to think beyond this mortal life… are you ready for the challenge? Get a copy right now and begin reading: buy the title from Amazon India – click here

So, readers… this was our list for the day and it has 11 books that you will surely like. 11 non-fiction books by Indian authors that you must read in 2021… we will be back with more lists as we design. Till then, all the best and happy reading!


List by Ashish for Indian Book Critics

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  • This is awesome..every book is a gem

  • Wonderful collection!

  • Wonderful book recommendations for the lovers of non fiction books by Indian authors… I like books by Sadhguru and even enjoy reading Anuj Dhar… thanks!

  • Such great recommendations. Been waiting to read some non-fiction from Indian authors since long time now. I will surely complete all the books in the list.

  • Such a nice collection of non-fiction books in the article. I have read some of the books from the list and I will try to complete the list surely.


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