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It’s the weekend again. Book lovers like me must be thinking about books that will make their lazy evenings today and tomorrow wonderful, once again. I have decided to offer a list of 5 books that will provide you with entertainment, ideas, reading pleasure and, perhaps, a glimpse into the literary trends that authors are following these days. And I am sure that this list will certainly make your weekend reading hours exciting, filled with mystery and thrill. Are you ready? Let’s get straight to the list! You can grab any or many or all of the books from Amazon India by clicking the link at the end of every book. Happy reading!

The Asht Yogis: Written by a well-known writer known for his Hindi writing and also English works, Ravi Ranjan Goswami, The Asht Yogis is available in Hindi as well as in English. You can read this book to know more about a team of eight Yogis or Siddha Sanyasis who team up to save the nation from upcoming danger. The book involves supernatural powers, nationalism, realism as well as spiritualism. The author has made the novel very compelling with his evenly distributed plot and a compelling storytelling technic. You can get this novel by clicking the link below:
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Janbaaz: Yet to be released in text format, the novel can be heard on Storytel as of now. Written by Gautam Rajrishi, an Indian Army officer and a well-known Hindi-Urdu shayar, Janbaaz is the story of a brave army officer who takes on the terrorists and foils their plans. Gautam has already written a collection of short stories based on Indian Army officers and bravehearts in the past, Hari Muskurahaton Wala Collage. And since he has first-hand experience of combat and on-field encounters with terrorists, you can be sure of excitement and realism in the novel. So, are you ready with your earphones? 

Keepers of the Kalachakra: Do you love reading Ashwin Sanghi? Well, I do and I believe that Ashwin Sanghi is the only author (leading, if not only for you or others) who can make sense and yet remain entertaining and fictionally viable. The novel has many secrets to reveal and many stories to weave and everything will connect as you go on reading. From the world of science to the depth of religious scriptures and the past… a journey that will render many waves of surprises and awe the readers, many times! Ready? Get a copy today and make your Sunday amazing!
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Chanakya in Daily Life: Well, how do you rate Chanakya’s teachings? You must have heard about the great Indian politician, philosopher, teacher and proud nationalist who helped the country by uniting it with one spirit of unity and nationalism. Acharya Chanakya left us a great treasure known as Chanakya Neeti. However, for all those who cannot lay their hands on the original version because of its language or any other reason, Radhakrishnan Pillai brings a simplified version – Chanakya in Daily Life and you must read it… today, tomorrow or whenever possible for you!
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Life’s Amazing Secrets: How to Find Balance and Purpose in Your Life: Any Guru plays a major role in shaping our lives… philosophy, intellect, wisdom, knowledge, education… Guru Gopal Das has written a wonderful book and if you are unsure about any hour in your life (that we all are), give this book a try and who knows! This might be a good one to read and a better one compared to many when it comes to understanding the reality of one’s existence and the purpose of one’s life. Signing it off with this motivational and spiritually practical book!
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A list compiled by Sarthak for Indian Book Critics


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