Of Closets and Skeletons and Other Crime Stories – Book Review

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Of closets and skeletons and other crime stories book review

The book has a very enticing title, to begin with, Of Closets and Skeletons and Other Crime Stories. Written by author Kaivalya Ramnath, this story collection offers ‘eight quirky stories’. I have arranged a few words inside a single inverted comma because those are the author’s words, found in ‘Author’s Note’ at the very beginning of the book. And I agree with many things that the author has done in her note to the readers. However, she could have kept the secrets of the stories with her and let the readers decide on the outputs. Well, authors do have the choice to alarm!

There is one thing that you will agree on as soon as you begin reading this collection. The stories have a null or very negligible bite if we can measure this way the intensity of crime stories. Yes. Slow to reach the climax or anticlimax. So, if a reader is coming with too many expectations to find out ‘crime being committed’ then they might be late already. Kaivalya has already alerted her readers in her note that these stories focus on issues rather than the crime… and, by that way, I can see it as reactions to situations rather than actively creating situations. You will get this part once you finish reading any of the eight stories. 

“The firangs can never come to terms with the Indianness of our crimes.”

To be precise and sufficiently succinct, for that matter, I think the line quoted above, appearing in DEMONS, one of the eight stories, sums up the entire collection. The author has claimed that being an introvert is one of her qualities. And that readers might find a reflection of her personality in her stories as well. And this happens. Kaivalya’s crime stories are less criminal but more sinister and almost cathartic. 

WHOSE LIFE IS IT points towards a certain explanation like we often require in those amazing science fiction mystery movies like Inception or Interstellar or Predestination. However, this one has been managed very well by the author and she added twists to it. The writing, throughout the story, is quickly moving and ‘dying’ to conclude. Jinal or Minal? What do you think?

The title story, OF CLOSETS AND SKELETONS, intrigued me. It was nice, suggestive but not explicit enough for the readers with casual sessions to get the secret. I tried my bit. You will find fun ways to die (or lead someone to death).

All the stories in this collection have layers, at least two if not many you can find, that draw the readers’ attention to facts that are not apparent but implicitly lying in the depths. It is up to the readers, entirely, whatever they come out with. The writing has been contemporary and comprehensive enough for the readers to get the most of the apparent content. Kaivalya has done well in hiding the secrets… in the closets.  

‘Of Closets and Skeletons and Other Crime Stories’ offers the other sides of crime… not the criminals. IN short. Yeah, that’s it!

If you want to surprise yourself, read some interesting stuff and allow your brains a few hours of labour, do enjoy reading these stories by Kaivalya Ramnath! Get a copy from Amazon India by clicking the link below:

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Review by Sarthak for Indian Book Critics


Of Closets and Skeletons and Other Crime Stories – Book Review
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Of Closets and Skeletons and Other Crime Stories is written by Kaivalya Ramnath and these stories tell another tale but point out in another direction… you will need to find out the crime, the criminal and see if you can truly establish the missing dots to reach the ‘truth’…

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