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Rishabh Bhatnagar author

When asked what does literature mean to him, emerging young novelist Rishabh Bhatnagar had to say very little. He kept it quite simple. In his own words:

“I am not sure, yet. Stories are the easiest way of learning things that sometimes life doesn’t let you. People live through them, and I have quite a few ones worth writing about, I suppose.”

To this young author who mostly writes about realistic experiences gathered by him along the passing days, literature takes a bigger shape than life. His very first novel, Stone Age: India: 2017 AD, is an accumulation of his personal experiences, perceptions and reactions to things happening around him. This was the result of an incident that affected the author personally – his friends being caught with marijuana. Rishabh Bhatnagar was only 21 in 2017 and he wrote his first novel then. The novel got a very energetic response from the youths and teenagers.

Rishabh is a law student and is pursuing his degree at a reputed institute in Hyderabad. He was born in 1996 in Delhi but spent a good part (and the largest till now) in Hyderabad only. Because of the changing places, as his childhood and early years were spent in different parts of India, the author had an opportunity to know new people and experience life from various perspectives. These perspectives are the major fodder for his fictional imagination. And this comes up very nicely in his second and the latest novel entitled The Great Indian Bust. Published in 2019, this novel is about a protagonist (modelled on Rishabh himself) who experiences various things in life as he grows up and realises what society actually means in the life of a growing person.

Planning to write more novels in the near future, Rishabh Bhatnagar wants to contribute to the leisure of his readers. He believes that the first and foremost job of a fiction writer is to make people forget about their worries and sorrows for the time they indulge with a novel. And Rishabh wants to do the same with his writings.

You can enjoy his novels by getting copies from Amazon. Here is the link to his latest book on Amazon:

The Great Indian Bust: Click here to by the novel

Visit Rishabh’s official website: Author Rishabh Bhatnagar

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