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Suraj Laxminarayanan author introduction

Suraj Laxminarayanan is an Indian crime thriller novelist. His debut book, Elephants in the Room, is due to be released this year in October. However, the responses of the critics and the early or beta-readers have been very encouraging for the author. Our team of reviewers also found the book very entertaining as well as standard – a notch ahead of the casual crime thriller fiction which we usually find these days. So, what does this author write? What discerns Suraj Laxminarayanan from the other crime thriller authors? Will his book be the next big thing in Indian fiction market?

Writing Style:
Suraj’s writing style is a little different from what you generally find in the books. Rather than a hasty writing and quick events unfolding, you will find a relaxed tone of the author and likewise, of the events. Things pass in detail and so does the author with his description of the passing events. So detailed and sometimes (which becomes a little often) the writing passes in monologues and inner-thinking of the characters which Suraj has done wonderfully. It takes the level of fiction a step above.

The Diction:
Apart from the occasional instances, the readers will find the novel fairly easy to read. The words used by the author are simple and everyday use. The sentences are eloquent and clear in the sense that they try to impose on the readers. Unlike the charlatans in the writing industry, Suraj Laxminarayanan’s writing is further aided with his word choices and sentence structure. Both the things are very close to the common reader’s expectations and it will certainly help the author’s book in passing through the hands quickly.

Ideal Readers of Elephants in the Room:
The book has been written, as our understanding of fiction goes, for the readers who have an interest in crime fiction, thriller novels and also psychological writings. Suraj explores the inner world of the criminals in this debut novel. The novel is also for the readers who love reading quick novels with a detailed sequence of events. Four days in the lives of many people have been described in some 600 pages… can you have this covered? If you are a real reader of crime thriller genre, the novel is FOR YOU!

Where to explore more about Suraj?
You can know more about Suraj on his website – and from there, you can get the details you want. You can also know about various social profiles that he operates.

Our verdict:

Suraj Laxminarayanan can certainly be a forerunner among the crime thriller authors in India. He does not only rely on his plot; his writing is equally commendable and supports the plot so beautifully that he excels to another level among the authors he competes with. The one thing that might give the readers some second thoughts is the length of his fiction – while the serious fiction readers will enjoy the length, the casual ones will certainly want it to be shorter enough to be finished in 2-3 days window – the weekends. Nevertheless, the book will certainly garner the readers because it’s addictive and also wonderfully concluded!


by Manish for Indian Book Critics

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