The Circus Trap by Sindhu John – Book Review

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The Circus Trap by Sindhu John Book Review

Let me inform my readers at the very onset of this review article that it is about a book written by Sindhu John, the popular children’s writer, The Circus Trap. Before I tell you what’s nice about the book and why kids should read it, I will tell you why reading is important for kids. 

I will say it arguably, but books are the best source of imbibing good values in kids. And I believe in this. They, the kids, can also widen their perspectives about various things by reading books from various genres. And at the same time, they help kids learn the language and its technicalities. However, there are many debates on what type of books should kids read. And, to be honest, this is a debate that must happen widely, frequently and indulges many of us who are worried about the quality of literature and also its impact on kids. The question looks very simple but is really tough to answer. For this reason, in the present scenario, working parents don’t have time to take out from their jammed pack schedule to search for good books for their kids or to expose their kids to the culture of the library. Another reason could be that kids have become more comfortable with digital equipment and find them more interesting and that’s why they are reluctant to read books. The third and most awful reason is that kids are preferring romantic absurdities (especially written by Ravindra Singh, Durjoy Dutta, Chetan Bhagat) over books that are actually good for their overall development. However, we should be thankful to the authors like Sindhu John, who is not only writing wonderful stories but presenting them in such a manner that kids would intrigue to read them.

I am fond of reading stories that are meant to be read by kids. I read those to make sure what children around me can read and can learn from. It also keeps the kid in me alive and motivates me to try new things. This time I picked up The Circus Trap of Sindhu John. Since the time I have read her novel The Hunter’s Trap, I was keen for her new work and finally, I got to read it. And no wonder I loved it. You might have gotten the idea with its name that the book is about animals who are trained to do various acts for our entertainment. Now, we hardly get to see the circus. Trust me, this book has given me the opportunity to relive old memories when I used to go to see the circus in my summer vacation almost every year. However, this book of Sindhu made me emotional and left me in the pool of thoughts. It was really painful to know how much pain poor animals face for our enjoyment.

The storyline is simple but the way Sindhu has put up incidents and events is really interesting. It primarily revolves around four young boys, a ringmaster and a panther, Majestic. Majestic was in vulnerable condition when these four kids first saw it performing in the ring. They felt pity for the panther. But, when they happened to witness the inhuman behaviour of the ringmaster towards panther and other animals, even the staff in the circus, they decided to save the panther from her, Miss Scaly’s, clasps. How they all plan Majestic’s recuse operation will indeed give you goosebumps. I mean, in reality, too, kids are so unpredictable and can do unthinkable once they are firm on something. The book is full of adventure, emotions, learnings and fun.

I believe kids should read these types of books. And it is the responsibility of parents to give them such an environment where kids get close to books. They should also narrate good stories from books so as to realise them the importance of books in life. I am more than certain that kids beyond 7-8, or anyone who can read English for that matter, will enjoy the novel. The Circus Trap is: 

* Written in simple language 

* Has young characters 

* Has a very interesting storyline 

* Has a fitting conclusion 

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Review by Parakashta for Indian Book Critics

The Circus Trap by Sindhu John – Book Review
  • IBC Critical Rating


The Circus Trap by Sindhu John is a novel perfectly written for kids who love adventure, courageous peers and wisdom! Get a copy ASAP and let your kids enjoy something BETTER!

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