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Why do we celebrate Holi book Anitha

Anitha Rathod’s latest book for children, Why do we celebrate Holi, has been released by her recently. The book comes in two formats – ebook (Kindle) and hardback. Meant for kids up to 10-12 years, the book has beautifully designed graphics and equally interesting tell-me-a-story content that will not only help the kids learn more about Holi and reasons behind this festival but also let them enjoy the habit of reading good books. Have you thought about the Holi gifts yet? Time to get a copy now!

Anitha Rathod has been among the leading children’s authors in India in recent time. She has produced a number of quality children books and the present one comes in the series ‘Unravel Festivals’. Wrapped up in just about 25 pages, the book is designed with colourful graphics to attract the attention of young readers. Simple language will inspire them to read and comprehend. Images also represent the true Indian culture and the way these images have been portrayed, it will certainly arouse curiosity in children to know more about our festival of colours.

Well, I might be overly enthusiastic but Anitha’s book goes beyond being the book. Her representation of facts in a story format not only does wonders on the kids (you may see it yourself when you let your 6-year-old read it) but also makes them learn many other things. For example, when a kid reads:

“My friends and I sat down to listen to my Grandma. Story-telling time with her is more fun than watching my favourite TV show.”

He or she might surely ask the grandmother or mother to tell a story and that is how we make children learn more about good things – stories make more impact than TV or movies! Great message and very significant symbolism!

There is nothing more in the book that needs to be elaborated or discussed in this review article. The book is very colourful, interesting and also joyful. The target readers will simply love it for being what it is. I am sure it can be used as a bedside book for storytelling mamma or grandma or daddy! Get your copies sooner because Holi is knocking on the doors already! All the best!

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review by Surabhi for Indian Book Critics

Why do we celebrate Holi
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I certainly find it as one of the best children books I have read in recent time… a perfect gift for your children and younger buddies this Holi! Just get one asap!

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  • We all celebrate Holi. But Anita’s work is really fantastic and she has explored some new dimension of Holi. And the best part of the book is it will benefit children. They will get to know some good moral stories. Nice work.

  • Children need these kinds of book that will let them know the real heritage of India. Moreover, they will get the opportunity to understand our culture with ease.

  • A good piece of children literature.

  • Nice review. I think this book will be perfect for my growing daughter. Thanks


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