5 Crime Thriller Novels you MUST read in April 2020 – IBC List

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5 Novels you must read in April 2020 - Indian Book Critics

This April, I must say, is one of the cruellest months in our lifetime. Was T. S. Eliot right then? I don’t know. Am I right now? I am surely right and you will agree! Not only my city or yours, but the entire country is locked down! Some of us, who are habitual of doing this or that thing all day, are in a dull mood, at low energy, and perhaps a little low on the spirit as well. Amidst this unprecedented and uncertain lockdown, everything, except Corona, seems to be stopped or left to move at snail’s speed. To make this forced holiday period, which is essential for our civilisation, energetic and full of life, we are sharing some popular and bestselling crime-thriller fiction that you will certainly love reading. They will certainly transport you to an imaginative world where you can dive deep into the ocean of emotions or climb on the mountain of lies to reach to the peak of truth or walk on the narrow alleys in a sunny afternoon unleashed secrets. Though momentarily, but these crime novels definitely charge you up. So, let’s get to the list of novels – well-known, bestsellers and certainly appreciated by many readers and critics working for leading worldwide and Indian book review sites. I am sure these novels will help you spend this April with ease, energy and entertainment. 


5 Novels you must read in April 2020 - Indian Book Critics


The Phoenix: Another masterpiece by an almost unsurpassed thriller master – Sidney Sheldon – which has all the essential qualities of crime fiction, glamour, luxury, chuckles, suspense, killings, gasps and enticing destinations that make The Phoenix an excellent read for you in this hot month of April. The Phoenix is one-female protagonist, Ella Prager’s, novel that tracks her life, mission and motifs. She has been born with advanced and modified brain and is on a constant mission to take revenge of her parent’s death and the antagonist, Athena Petridis, is Greek crime boss, returned again to reclaim her empire. Astonishing twists and turns during your odyssey of The Phoenix will definitely add spice to your plain routine. This novel should not consume more than two days of your April, or maybe three. You can get a Kindle copy of this novel from Amazon India right now. Click the link below to buy: 

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The Rozabal Line: Famed as an Indian version of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, The Rozabal Line is a Theological Thriller Mystery and received its title from the Rozabal shrine in India. The debut book by Ashwin Sanghi is a mixture of a heady concoction of many centuries, religions and cultures and explored the theory of apostle of peace – Jesus Christ, alleged survival of Jesus from the crucifixion, his marriage to Mary Magdalene before the crucifixion and his settlement and death in Kashmir. A work of detailed and meticulous research by Ashwin Sanghi opens several secret conspiracies buried in the grave of time and arranged with conviction to give The Rozabal Line its shape. Another interesting part is that the Author has splendidly used his linguistic skills to decode the meaning of names and define the anagrams like the Brahma and Abraham, Krishna and Christina, Magdalene and Magadh, Yeshu and Yeshoda, La Sara Kali and La-xmi Sara-swati Kali, Rosabal and line of Rose etc. Ashwin Sanghi’s literature does give us a hint into the modern usage of Indianness in Indian English Literature. So bookworms, are you ready to take a ride full of mystery and terror to make this sunny April more bright? Get your copy for Kindle Reader or Kindle Mobile app from Amazon India by clicking the link below: 

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Girl in Room 105: Popular in the romantic genre, Chetan Bhagat’s sudden U-turn from light, enjoyable love stories to a creeping murder mystery, though weaved around tissues of love, is one of the primary reasons that zero in bookworms immediately. Though we can debate all day and all night about the validity of literature produced by Chetan Bhagat, he does create a ripple, strong ripple. How Keshav Rajpurohit, the male protagonist, resolves the enigma of his ex-girlfriend’s murder, who hails from Kashmir, is the basis of Girl in Room 105. A gripping thriller with flawed characters, a touch of love, a hint of romance and all the Bollywood masalas, certainly a not to be missed out novel for Chetan Bhagat’s fans. You can get a copy of this bestselling masala piece of English Literature from Amazon India by clicking the link below: 

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And Then There Were None: Widely realised as the magnum opus of Agatha Christie! A clever plot with fascinating background stories, at times quite frightening, but has a brilliant ending. As addictive as playing FIFA on PlayStation. The central idea of the novel revolves around ten people who were personally invited to a private island for holiday and succumbs to different fate – one by one – for the ‘crimes’ that they have committed in the past and have gotten away with. At times, you would feel that you have caught the killer and the very next moment story takes a new turn. And Then There Were None would certainly be wonderful thrilling cooler to cope with this quarantine Sunny April. Get the Kindle copy now: 

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Between Two Thieves: An enthralling thriller by Solomon Cater who not only narrated the story but made you believe in it. Between Two Thieves is a journey to reach to the truth which was veiled by two dangerous and persuasive liars. Two detectives – Eva Roberts and Dan Bradly, two killings – on the beach, two folds – a murder mystery and drug smuggling, multi-fold excitement and an unpredicted finale. Eventually, the veil dropped and the truth was visible.
The author very well managed to keep readers engrossed in guesswork until the last page. One of my favourite crime mystery novels and once again enlisted in my reading list of April month. Buy the novel by clicking the link below.

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Readers, what about you?

These are a few smart reads which will keep you going at fast-pace throughout the month. So, don’t let the Corona triggered lockdown raise your temperature and make you feel depressed. Take shots of these thrilling coolers, relax and say a Goodbye to all the dull moments. And I sincerely hope you the best! Stay safe; help others in need, and be positive! We will overcome this too!  

Written by Nidhi Parikh for Indian Book Critics 

(We will keep bringing more book recommendations every month.)

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  • Sudarshan Chakraborty
    April 11, 2020 2:11 pm

    This is a wonderful list… I did not know of 3 novels on the list and I will surely try those this month.. we do need something to keep us going. Thank you guys!


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